Wednesday, December 18, 2013

hola hola!

Hey family and friends! This week has been another AMAZING one! The Christmas Zone Conference was so fun and inspirational! Our area Seventy, Elder Packer, spoke to us about a lot of amazing things, but what really stood out to me most was the concept of "Moral Authority" which basically means that you can't tell people to do something if you're not willing to do it yourself. This can be applied to endless situations, but as far as missionary work goes, It really hit me that if I don't catch the vision and miracles of missionary work through hard work, diligence, patience, repentance, charity (etc.) then I can't expect the members to! If I don't apply the Atonement of our Savior in my own life, I can't commit my investigators to. Bottom line, the Lord is hastening His work and is allowing us ALL to be a part of it, so we need to start with ourselves and figure out what we need to do individually to help serve the Lord! It was sooo good, I wish I could convey the spirit of it all like Elder Packer did.

We also had a great "white-elephant gift exchange" where we had to bring a wrapped gift that cost us $5, An elder before me opened a bag that had a Santa hat, toothpaste, and a new toothbrush (my toothpaste JUST ran out, and my toothbrush is really warn out AND I love Santa hats so much, so I couldn't resist!--I stole his!) such a fun game!  I wrapped a pair of Christmas socks and put coconut soap in one and a pen that looks like a pig in the other... thank you Michael's (my favorite store), Hna Hernandez (another sister serving in the ward) got it and on Sunday was wearing the Christmas socks under her boots and it made me so happy! Also. as we were all sitting in a big circle with our zone paying attention to the fun white-elephant game and some sneaky elves (President and Sister Meredith) put a bag behind each of our chairs and after the fun and games were over we were surprised with the best gift ever! We all got a really nice towel with the logo of the Oakland/San Francisco mission embroidered on it so beautifully (It's like the shape of California with a star over the bay area and the outline of the Oakland Temple)! A member did the embroidering for all 250 missionaries in this mission absolutely FREE for Christmas. WOW. She will get so many blessings for that and I'm going to keep it forever :)

Exchanges are still going strong! But I really want to make them better! I know that the time I'm with other sisters can be more inspiring and encouraging and faith building! I'm praying for that, I know that the great examples from incredible sister missionaries is something that I still apply so I really hope to be that good example for them.

ALSO! this Friday was our Ward FIESTA,--I got to play the piano as the children reenacted the nativity and sang "Jesus en Pesebre" (away in a manger) which was soooo cute as I watched them out of the corner of my eye :) Mike came and Helped serve the food! It was the most exciting thing to see our recent convert getting involved and serving right away! he even brought a friend with him! He's so funny though, he wouldn't get up to dance for the life of him! But WOW Latinos can DANCE! I love being in a Spanish ward. tomorrow we've been invited to make pupusas with a hna Molina from El Salvador, this will be my 3rd time making them, so hopefully this time I can get them down so I can make them for all of YOU before too long! They get a little easier every time.

We're still working hard, still knocking on doors and still getting them slammed in our face (sometimes) but that's what makes the ones who really are prepared for the gospel all the more worth it! Keep going strong and sharing the gospel with those around you! les quiero TANTO!
Hermana Mitchell

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


What an AMAZING week! MIKE GOT BAPTIZED!!! The service was so incredible! it was very musical and the spirit was SO strong! Mike was so bashful and humble as usual--he gets so nervous in front of people! WOW. It is the most incredible thing to see someone truly change and take the steps of baptism. A light comes on when someone really understands how real God's love is for them and how following our Savior and applying his Atonement is necessary for eternal life! Mike definitely has that light. He was confirmed yesterday and received the priesthood so now he can start passing the sacrament! but to make things even more nerve-racking for Mike, there was a whole camera crew filming our sacrament meeting! (The church is coming out with a virtual chapel-tour and filmed our beautiful chapel for the example! they even came into our ward council meeting to show what one of those looks like, so who knows, I might even be in the video!) But what's most important is that MIKE DID IT!! We're so excited to keep working with him to see him progress even more in the gospel :)
We had lots of fun meetings last week and this Thursday is a ZONE CONFERENCE! the most funnest spiritual exciting meetings we have as missionaries--AND this is the Christmas zone conference, which means it'll be even MORE fun, spiritual, and exciting! We're going to have a white-elephant gift exchange and Hna McLaws and I will be giving a 30 minute training 3 different times for the break-out sessions. It will be on INSPIRED QUESTIONS! Missionary work would be impossible without inspired questions, because if we don't ask, the Spirit can't tell us what our investigators need! So that's going to be great!
AND we're starting exchanges again TONIGHT! wow. my last round of exchanges... so many mixed feelings about that!
We're struggling so much with finding new investigators! If you want to give a special gift to the missionaries this year, the BEST gift that we could EVER ask for isn't anything that comes in a box with bows on it, it's somebody to TEACH! We don't need material things, we are well taken care of as far as that goes, but if you share the gospel with a loved one by sending the missionaries to their door, it will be a gift with eternal blessings for everyone!
I know that the Gospel has been Restored, and that the Lord loves us!
les quiero muuuuucho mucho!
Hermana Mitchell

Monday, December 2, 2013

what a crazy week!

Wow! this week has been FULL of UPS and DOWNS! well start with the ups...

We had the last two exchanges of the transfer! they were great and wonderful and faith building experiences! ...and Hna McLaws and I are extremely excited to have a complete week together!! Then we'll begin the cycle again! with the 10 companionships that we cover in the peninsula, we typically try to do 2 companionships a week for the last 5 weeks of the 6 week transfer. Hopefully we can plan it out to be balanced with Christmas and New Years in this transfer, but It'll work out! Besides, It's the Lord who really plans these transfers, not us--so it'll absolutely work out.

Thanksgiving! It was great! we had a delightful lunch with the sweetest strongest member named Araceli who just got baptized about a year and a half ago, she's a single mom who works so hard (3 jobs) and gives everything of herself for her 2 sons. AND she fed us a delicious roasted chicken :) she's only 24 and I'm AMAZED at her strength and love for the Lord and diligence in the gospel. Then we went to the Bailey's (the incredible senior couple serving in our ward) and had LOTS of pie :) Her apple pie was good, but NOTHING compares with yours Aunt Sharon!) then we had a nice dinner with the Canilzales who made "panes con pavo" these El Salvadorian sandwiches with turkey and veggies drenched in this delicious mystery sauce... estuvieron RIQUISIMOS!! she also gave us pumpkin pie :) all in all It was much less food than I ate last thanksgiving, so my insides were much happier about that.... or so I thought.... here comes the "downs"

Friday night we were out proselyting when Hna. Mclaws began feeling really sick! She threw up 3 times just on the drive home, then we got home around 7:30 and she tried to get some rest but she couldn't hold anything liquid down at all, and she was vomiting every 15 minutes for hours and hours... I started feeling sick around 9pm and threw up a few times, but it didn't hit me nearly as hard as it hit her. By 2:30am (7 hours of pure vomiting) she still hadn't stopped, her poor body was so weak and dehydrated, and even though I wasn't feeling good, I was strong enough drive her to the Emergency Room... They got her checked in and hooked her up to an IV and she started feeling and looking much better. We finally got a hold of some Elders who were able to meet us there and give her a blessing too. They gave her some medication and after that everything calmed down :) they gave us our own little room and Hna McLaws rested. I just threw up a few more times and was able to make it through, we got home around 6 am and SLEPT ALL DAY. The Baileys brought us some yummy turkey noodle soup and we got some broth down. Yesterday morning we were feeling much better, very weak, but better :) We made it to church for Mike's Baptismal Interview (which he PASSED! yaaaay! He'll be baptized on Thursday) and then we took the sacrament and went back home to rest more. I feel like my abs got hit by a train, but all in all MUCH better. Hna McLaws has totally bounced back and is doing great and I feel SO blessed that the timing was just right that I could take care of my companion and that we're both all better now :)

also.... this week was...... TRANSFER CALLS. (dun dun duuuuuun!) On Saturday President Meredith called us to check up on Hna McLaws and I, and he was about to hang up when he said, "while I have you here on the phone I'll just spoil the surprise.... you BOTH will be staying in your positions in San Mateo!" We would have leaped and jumped and cheered and laughed and cried if we were strong enough to! We're SO happy to be together. I'm grateful for this area, and I'm grateful for my companion and for our investigators and members! I'm over the moon that I'll be here for Mike's baptism and even more that we're planning and praying for. 6 more weeks of being a set apart missionary... so many MIRACLES to see still! I love you ALL! keep us in your prayers!
Hermana Mitchell

one of my new favorite quotes: 
"Be the first to say I'll do it, and the last to say I did it"
-author: I don't know.... but I like how it implies diligence and humility at the same time.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!

Hi family and friends!
Happy Thanksgiving!!! We get to spend thanksgiving day in the homes of members, serving, helping, fellowshipping and... eating! We'll be having a big dinner with the Canizales family (from El Salvador, they're so loving and caring, they feed us every Sunday and not to mention they're the BEST cooks in the whole ward!) and we hope a few other members will invite us to share part of the day with them as well :) if not, we'll get to have some extra study time! Also a plus--As a missionary we always feel like there's never enough time to study!
 We're already on the last week of the transfer (FASTEST TRANSFER I'VE EVER HAD!!!) and It has been NUTS! We conducted 3 Exchanges last week! hna. McLaws and I are TIRED! haha but still pushing through! we have just 2 more this week, starting tonight :). So we've been struggling a bit with finding people to teach, we do a lot of knocking and contacting, but it hasn't been yielding much fruit! And our members aren't inviting much at all, so we're trying to work with them more and lately we've decided to find through our big white binder of "Antiguos" (former investigators) and it has been bringing a lot of miracles! It's amazing what happens what you actually use the resources you HAVE to find! The Lord placed a few really prepared people in our path and we're excited to work more with them and see what the future holds! The gospel will bless their lives SO MUCH! Along the way to an appointment we saw this tiny old woman walking slowly in front of us, so we caught up with her! turns out she's from Guadalajara and is a very very strong Catholic, she has a sister who's Mormon, but said that when she was little she had a problem with her eyes and her mother said to pray to the Virgin of Guadelupe for her eyes to be healed, and they were..... She said she would believe in God more if He answered her prayers....  we testified of the love of God and how He is the only one who's power blesses and heals us, and that Jesus Christ has brought that power and love to earth and restored his gospel! She said she's happy the way she is. That was a testimony to me that there are people who ARE prepared and others who aren't prepared yet, but we never know until we open our mouth and start asking to find out!

Mike's baptism is still a go for December 5th! it's so amazing to be able to see miracles of the gospel take place in people's lives! Transfer calls are this Saturday and so we'll see if I'll be here for my last transfer or if I'm going back to the Visitor's Center for the busy Christmas season again.... I'm so torn, I really really really want to see mike get baptized! but Wherever the Lord needs me to be, I will happily go! I love being a missionary! I love the Lord and His true and living gospel! Have a wonderful and THANKFUL week, show your gratitude through your actions. Luke 10:30-37.
Hermana Mitchell

Friday, November 15, 2013


This week has been a really good one. We conducted 2 exchanges! yaaay we're pushing right through with all these exchanges, It's so crazy how quickly they make the time fly by. The sisters are all so amazing and I truly feel like every exchange is teaching me something new that the Lord needs me to learn. I hope the sisters are learning from me too, I just try to be an exactly obedient and faithful example for them.

I can't think of what else has happened this week... We had English class, that was fun as always... we need to spread the word more because we're not getting much growth. 

So I started to feel sick on Saturday night with a sore throat and by Sunday morning I wasn't doing well at all. We missed all of our morning meetings with the ward mission leader and the bishopric... we went to church for sacrament meeting but by the end I felt feverish (which was such a bummer because Mike was on his way to church! but the other missionaries took good care of him :) So we went home and with the little food we had in our pantry (by the end of the week our fridge and cupboards tend to be pretty bare) Sis. McLaws made me chicken noodle soup! (she broke up lasagna noodles and found some frozen mixed veggies and chicken bouillon) She's so creative! I slept and slept and slept, I feel a little better today, the congestion isn't right at the front of my face anymore :) I feel like there is more to say, but I can't think of anything... my brain is a little fuzzy right now.

Tomorrow Sister McLaws and I are giving a 30 minute training for all of the District leaders, Zone Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders on Finding. I hope I can talk :) I'll be praying for that for sure. I just want to say I LOVE being a missionary LOOOOVE you all! I'm grateful for all that you do for me. Mosiah 2:17
Hermana Mitchell

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

(sorry this was delayed) Happy Haunted House-Cleaning!

Hello family and friends!!!! This last week was great! Halloween was tons of fun, We had dinner with a wonderful member hna. Monterrosa (she's from Guatemala!) and while there we got to feed squirrels and ducks. It was kind of bazar, She lives in a pretty normal city-neighborhoodish area and all these ducks just wadled up to her door and started quacking... turns out our she feeds them on a regular basis! But on that night it seemed like an extra funny trick-or-treat suprise! After that we returned right home and had to fill out our "happy haunted house-cleaning" check-list! I was surprised how clean the fridge and oven were, the biggest job was the tile in the bathroom.... but some good scrubbing got the job done. It's really amazing how a clean home invites the spirit so tangibly. I guess that goes to show that if we want to keep the spirit with us in anything we do we've got to work hard to achieve it, and then maintain it day by day, or else it'll slip away again...

So... Our investigators are progressing! Mike is still preparing for baptism, he has so many good questions and is sincerely understanding the Book of Mormon! He's really letting the spirit open his mind and his heart and it's so great to see the changes he's making! We also set a Baptismal date with Carolina for December 1st (finally!) We've asked her sooo many times and she always said that she wants to eventually, but won't set a date yet... we had a powerful lesson about faith and said YES! We took her to the VC on Saturday night and she Loved IT! We're realy excited for her progression :) Hermana McLaws and I are still set on finding new investigators and we're working really hard to do so! Keep San Mateo in your prayers, there are soooo many prepared people and I know the Lord will either lead us to them or lead them to us!!! Our English class is doing so well! We're going to start teaching it twice a week because we're seeing a pretty good amount of interest! Also, it's finally starting to cool down here in San Mateo, I can wear a scarff and my boots without over-heating! I love the crisp air and the bright red crunchy-leaves.

Exchanges are still on! 2 down and 8 more to go in the next month! I can't believe it's been 4 transfers as a Sister Trainer,  exchanges truly make the time FLY by, and they bring SO MANY MIRACLES!!!

Keep working hard, and acting in FAITH, because it's by faith that miracles happen :)
Les quiero muchisisisisisimo!!!
Hermana Mitchell

Friday, November 1, 2013

Una semana de MILAGROS!

Buenas!!! This week has been an amazing one! Lots of transitions, which are hard, but good. Sister McLaws settled in well on Tuesday and we got right to work! Tuesday night for our English class was AMAZING! It's finally getting going, we had 3 members at English class last week, AND 3 non-members!!!!! MIRACLES! Humberto (this guy who called us from one of our adds we put up in the laundromats) is the BEST! He's totally going to get baptized... we'll work the gospel into his heart through the English language.... It's such a great act of service as well as an inspired finding tool. We also did Service at a food-service place called the Samaritan house and it was AWESOME! We get to organize bags full of food for low-income families :) We found a great potential investigator who has a bi-polar son, she asked us to pray for him. ALSO! more Miracles, Mike came to a multi-congregational church concert thing AND brought a friend. When our church got up to sing the spirit was SO strong, much stronger than any of the other songs, Mike said it was the best too :) (I mean, all the churches were great, there's just something special that the Hymns of the Restoration bring) His baptismal date is still for the 17th, and he just needs to come to church 1 more time! We have a new investigator named Felix, he's 70 years old... we saw him for the 2nd time this week and within a week he read 18 chapters of the Book of Mormon! WOW! and he doesn't like Nephi at all, he things he's conceited and always talks about himself... HAH! but he said he's be baptized if he finds out it's true, so we're excited for him (and are fasting and praying that he'll listen to the Spirit and know it's true!!!).

ALSO! exchanges start up again this week! So from here on out the transfer is going to FLY by, that's what exchanges ALWAYS do to the time... The Lord must have something big that I haven't learned yet from being a Siter Training Leader, because this is my 4th transfer being one... He's so patient with me!

Today we're carving pumpkins for our district activity... YAY!

Well that's a few of the highlights of our week, It's finally starting to feel crisp and cool like FALL here and I LOVE IT!!!
Remember to ALWAYS look for un-planned service opportunities! Ask yourself what the Savior would do and follow what the spirit tells you!
con ABRAZOS!!!
Hermana Mitchell

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


HOLA!!!! It's monday.... again!!! how is this possible? This transfer has completely FLOWN by. I can't believe that we've conducted 10 companionship exchanges and got our English class up and running (we had 3 members last time--woohoo! that's 200% more people than our first class!) and still found lots of new investigators! The Lord is truly putting Miracles in our path! We have a new couple that we're teaching named Isabel and Marcos, they are SO amazing, and they're also SO prepared by the Lord to recieve the gospel. a few weeks back, Isabel was having terribly awful headaches and couldn't find a single remedy--her sister-in-law (who just happens to be our incredible investigator Rocio) suggested that she get a blessing from the Elders. At that point Isabel was willing to try anything! so the elders went and gave her a powerful blessing and Isabel said she felt the spirit SO strongly and that moment her pains were GONE and haven't come back since! I love the power of the Priesthood, and how our Heavenly Father loves us SO MUCH that he would restore this Priesthood and give a His power to righteous men so we can feel the love of God and have those blessings in our life!

So we all know my wonderful companion sister Hewett is going home...... so transfer calls on Saturday night were actually more exciting because there was no other option than seeing where I'd go or who I would be with! sooo here's the news.....................

I'M STAYING IN SAN MATEO!!!! (that'll put me 6 months in one place--it's a record!!!) My new companion will be the one and only SISTER MCLAWS!!! I know that none of you know who that is... but she's pretty much famous in the mission for her fire and spunk and energy and love for this missionary work! She's from Park City UT, She's more than 6 feet tall... We were actually in the MTC at the same time, and came out here to the same mission at the same time!! But we weren't in the same district because I was doing VC training... but anyway, SO exciting. I KNOW that this is just what our area needs and we are going to see incredible things happen here together! I still have a secret wish to go back to the Visitor's Center for my last transfer so I can be part of the magic and music and amazingness of the Christmas program again! We'll see what the Lord has in mind... I'll go wherever he needs me!

That's all I have to say for now, keep your testimony strong by sharing it with those around you!
Les quiero muuuuuuuuuucho!!!
Hermana Mitchell

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things are about to get crazy...

Buenas tardes everyone!!! This has been another amazing week! We were able to meet with Mike again and set a new Baptism date with him (keep your fingers crossed for November 17th)!! He has 1 month to come to church 2 more times, he said he's really try to work it out with his boss. He is so willing and ready to follow Jesus Christ, it's so frustrating when worldly things get in the way! So my companion, Sister Hewett, only has 1 week left before she heads home to N. Carolina and the ward members have signed up for dinners and/or lunches EVERY DAY this upcoming week (which rarely happens) so we are looking forward to enjoying every moment of our last week together!!! well except for the 2 exchanges that we'll have... so 5 days of the next week will be spend together anyway! She is such a strong example to me of OBEDIENCE and DILIGENCE! I'm learning so much from her :) I'm absolutely AMAZED that I only have 2 transfers left.. but in reality I have a LIFETIME left to serve the Lord, which is what's most important. We are continuing to see blessings and miracles here in San Mateo as we discover new ways to find and open our mouths to everyone! I like to think of Lehi's example of charity in 1 Nephi 8, when he's partaken of the fruit and joy of eternal life, the first thing he does is BECKON to those who were lost to come and partake of it themselves! The joy of the gospel is so wonderful, and when we've truly experienced it in our lives, it's just natural to want to share it! 
I love you all sooooo much! always remember to pray for opportunities to love and serve those around you!
Hermana Mitchell

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This week was AMAZING! General Conference was an extra special boost! On Saturday we went to a wonderful member's house to watch it and our Peruvian investigator Mike came! The one who prayed and fasted so things could work out with his work! about a month ago he started to get really really busy and wasn't able to meet with us for a while, but just last week he called us and said he's been reading from the Book of Mormon again! I know he'll be baptized soon! just 2 more times at church, he's so ready!! He really liked conference too, I think I may have seen his eyes water from Elder Holland's talk :) and WOW  I loved President Uchtdorf's talk, It's given me a new moto for myself, "Our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble but by the number of times we stand up dust ourselves off, and stride forward." It's so true. We won't get any stronger if we give up everytime a trial comes our way, and it's likely that more trials will come our way after we show that we can push through it with faith in the Lord... and that's how we're truly changed and refined. I'm so grateful to be a missionary NOW!

On Sunday we watched conference in the Stake center, and even though it was great in Spanish, there's just something extra special about hearing the actual voices of the Prophet and Apostles. between sessions the Tongan ward made a HUGE lunch for all of us! Tongans are the BEST!  We enjoyed a buffet of rice, meatballs, fish-heads(yes I ate it and it was delicious), chicken, steak, pasta, and sweet-potatoes! I love how food is such a defining characteristic in different cultures! :) and this mission is FILLED with diversity, I feel so blessed!

So Sister Hewett and I are now officially English teachers! We started our English class last Tuesday and we'll be holding our second one tomorrow night, hopefully we'll have more than one student like our first class.... we've been placing a ton of fliers up in different places like laundromats and restaurants in hopes that news will spread :) The elders in our ward had a baptism from their English class, and Sister Hewett and I need to do some FINDING since we've dropped almost all of our investigators and started over, so we're EXCITED! :) Sister Hewett only has 2 weeks left, so I'm trying to brace myself for when she goes! The ward loves her so much, and so do all the sister missionaries, she has been such wonderful sister training leader, and example to me! Well, I've got to go, the work continues, please join in and help spread the joy of the gospel to those around you, because it's truly for everyone :)
Hermana Mitchell

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hi Family and Friends!!! I'm so amazed that it's P-DAY again!!!! This week as been great, we have been really struggling with our investigators lately, they just aren't acting, they say they have faith but don't put it to the test, and that keeps them from progressing... Long story short, we have been doing a lot of FINDING! On tuesday I was in the area on an exchange with a brand-new Tongan sister! after studies and a good lunch we had some finding activities and tracting planned in the schedule and I just felt the prompting to go to 19th street. I didn't know why, but that's what we did. We found a parking spot and prayed and walked to the closest door, it was open! so I called "Buenas! Buenas tardes!" and this cute little lady popped her head around the corner! She looked sad. We talked a bit to get to know her and I started to testify about God's love for all of us and our families--when I asked if we could come back and share more of the message with her she asked us to come in right then and there! We started teaching the message of the restoration and she started crying and told us she has 2 daughters far away in El Salvador and it's so hard for her, that morning she had been feeling so sad and had prayed for help from God. She said that we were that sign. We gave her a Book of Mormon and set a return appointment and went back on Thursday, and she READ! she read 4 chapters! She loved it. She felt so much peace and comfort from the plan of Salvation and she said yes to baptism! and it was just a miracle! We are so excited to keep teaching her and helping her come even closer to Christ. Heavenly Father knows our efforts! He makes miracles happen. It takes a lot of faith to drop investigators, but when you do, He either leads those who are prepared to you, or leads you to them! Sorry this email is short, but I know that we all have a very special purpose here on earth, and part of that purpose is loving and serving one another. Always remember that God loves you as well as those around you!
Hermana Mitchell

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Helloooo family and friends! What a week! We're working hard with our investigators, we're going to have to drop some of them because they're just not willing or able to progress right now, but the Lord is putting prepared people in our path! Dropping investigators shows a lot of faith to the Lord that we'll follow his will and find those who are willing to receive us! so we're looking forward to finding :)

We had the most exciting activity this week for the "dia de Hispanidad" (I found out that 5 de Mayo is pretty much a made-up holiday that Americans have comercialized and that latino's don't actually celebrate... who would've thought? they're real independence day is celebrated in September) And it was WAY too much fun--tables from every country that members of our ward represent were themed with native artifacts and pictures and FOOOD! El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile, Honduras, Mexico, Gratemala!!! We had Tamales, Pupusas, Empenadas, Horchata, Cacao, Chicha morada! and the list goes on..... and on, and on. I don't know how my body handled all the food! It was SOOO GOOOD. La comida Latina es lo MEJOR en todo el MUNDO!

I'll have to end this email quick today because we went to the temple today and I'm short on time, but WOW. I learned so much. Heavenly Father's love and spirit and guidance is so strong in the temple and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be here on earth right now and to know what Heavenly Father's plan and purpose is for all of us. It truly was the spiritual boost I needed. I really encourage you all to make it more of a priority to go to the temple and remember the promises that Heavenly Father has waiting for you as you obey His commandments. D&C 82:10

Les quiero TANTO!!!
Hermanita Mitchell

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

las nuevas!

Hellooooo family and friends! I can't believe it's Monday again--hooray! Today's the first day of a new transfer, We got the call Saturday night and...................... Sister Hewett and I are STAYING together! Still sister training leaders, and still in San Mateo!!! We have 9 new sister areas opening up this transfer so we'll be conducting even MORE exchanges, I just hope and pray that there's SOMETHING that the sisters can learn from me and the experiences we have together! I'm so happy. this is sister Hewett's last transfer (not happy) but I want to help it to be a very special one! She's such a great missionary and great companion and I'm really grateful that the Lord is keeping us together. YAAAY!!

Also, MIRACLES! So our investigator Mike is doing so good, he's fasted and has been praying to be able to come to work! He came to a baptism that the elders had on Saturday thought it was great! He said he wants to know what it's like since it's something that he's going to do! It was amazing. AND he finally got Sunday off from work and he CAME to CHURCH yesterday! that really put the icing on the cake. He just needs to continue to come until his baptism in a couple weeks so we can actually go through with it, if not it will have to be post-poned (sadness) but he's still progressing in the right direction--He said he's really seen his life change since he's met the gospel.

So this morning we had a district activity and it was SO fun! I may or may not have told you all that one of the missionaries in our district is from El Salvador--for lunch she showed us all how to make PUPUSAS! (I would describe them as tortilla pancakes stuffed with beans and cheese and meat, with a special sauce and cole-slaw type topping) This was the second time I've made them so this time they were much prettier!! We also had platanos fritos (fried plantains) and frijoles (re-fried red beans) and delicious crema from El Salvador too, It was quite the spread-DEICIOUS!

We went on 3 exchanges this last week--so Sister Hewett and I are DEAD! and once we get the list of where everyone is after transfers tomorrow, we'll start all over again! I got to spend some time in Daly City and teach with some WONDERFUL new sisters who are doing so well--We taught a Cuban guy and his accent was SO thick--It was definitely the Lord helping us understand his questions! I also went to China town in San Fransisco with my old companion sister Lau!! It's crazy that we're both over here on this side of the bay, It was definitely a blessing to have some time with her again--we've both grown so much over the last 6 months :) We taught some lessons in chinese and sister Lau translated for me :) We also got up in the morning and ran in Golden Gate Park! I definitely love my mission!

Well I'm going to sign off for another week, but remember that I love you ALL and that when you make sacrifices for the Lord, He'll bless you so much more in return!
ABRAZOS! Hermana Mitchell :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013


I can't believe the months of August is OVER! It went by way too fast. I'm really looking forward to this month :) We have a temple trip coming up in just a couple weeks and 3 investigators with baptismal dates for the month, and we're going to do everything we can (with the Lord's help) to help them progress to the waters! It's the last week of the transfer and I really hope Sister Hewett and I stay together--if we do, it'll be a RECORD! the longest I've ever been with a companion so far has been 2 transfers, so we'll see! We are working really hard and continuing to see miracles daily. I've been able to see "the gift of tongues" (orthe ability to communicate this true message without error in a foreign language) influence our companionship and I've realized that it comes and goes depending faith and humility. It's hard to listen to the Spirit all the time! but it's supposed to be so we can change and grow. I've learned that that goes for a lot of things, not just Spanish or opening your mouth to everyone in your path, but even the small and simple things--stopping to ponder the scriptures, praying for your companion, looking for service opportunites wherever you go. Being a missionary is a life-changing experience, every day I wake up with a purpose in my heart--and that purpose is to bring to do God's will. The way I live my mission will be the way I live the rest of my life. I love you all, remember to be humble and patient, and trust in God, He won't lead you astray if you put your trust in him.
Les QUIERO muchisisisisimo!!
Hermanita Mitchell

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


HOLA mis queridos! It's another BEAUTIFUL day in the BAY! seriously, everyday I'm amazed that it's the end of August because it's been a breezy 70 degrees all summer long--much different from the East Bay and the 100 degree weather in Brentwood! We are continually seeing miracles here in the Oakland/San Fransisco Mission. Every transfer we have more missionaries come in than those that are leaving, and so many incredible SISTERS! they are so ready for this missionary work! we'll be transitioning slowly, but in a couple of weeks we sould have 5 SISTER companionships on bike--for the last few years bikes have been reserved strictly for elders! So that'll be fun to see! As a sister training leader, we travel all around the mission, so I don't know how likely it is that we'll get a bike, but I'm totally willing in any case! 

So Sister Hewett and I are constantly seeing MIRACLES! It's amazing having 3 companionships in our Ward, AND a senior couple, the work is truly hastening! all together we had 12 investigators in church yesterday--4 of them are ones that we are teaching personally! The members have been so KEY in helping our investigators come to church and want to stay! We have been praying so hard for the ward to have their own missionary experiences, and the power of prayer is REAL! We're still working with Mike, his fast was so powerful and he really wants to be baptized, he knows that he needs this change, now the only thing holding him back is work. He set his baptismal date for September 29th so he would have 6 Sundays to try to come only 3 times, we're still praying for miracles--we know it'll happen! We're working with the family Aranda, we're having an FHE with them tonight--the whole family are members EXCEPT for the MOM! they've been married for 16 years and she still hasn't come around to the gospel, BUT, it's the sweetest thing, for FHE her 5 children trade off teaching the lessons and we can see her heart changing--poco a poco. We also met our goals and taught 20 lessons this week!!!! Now it's time to push, we can do better :)

Exchanges are still going strong! I went with sister Oa from Samoa, she has grown SO much and her English has become fluent in the last 9 months, I'm so proud of her! and we have one amazing sister here named sister Pope, from Kansas. I love her! During the exchange, I felt like I was the one being trained! She will surely be a sister training leader soon :) I love transforming power of the atonement in this missionary work. I studied Lehi's Dream this morning in 1 Nephi 8. It's probably one of my favorite parts of the book of Mormon. I love verse 24--It's so important to CLING to the word of God, not just hold it every once in a while, or pick it up when times are hard. This life is about walking by faith and not by sight--without the word of God we're blind--so make it part of your life, it'll guide you! I also took a lot of strength from verse 33--the world will point and mock at us without a doubt, the important thing is:DON'T LISTEN! straying from the tree of life is part of Satan't plan, not God's--so hold on tight and don't let go, the light at the end is so worth it.

Our district is going to the Golden Gate today! and then to Mitchell's Icecream (the best in the WORLD!)

I love you all so much, you're always in my prayers!
Hermana Mitchell

Monday, August 19, 2013


QUE TAL Y'ALL!? This week has been AMAZING! as usual! First off, I'M SO EXCITED TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN!!! I'm so glad that everyone's happy and HEALTHY!  YAAAY Becca and Aaron! I can't wait to meet little Jaylee in just 5 months!

This week we had an INSPIRING zone conference. The APs (Assistants to the President) are incredible missionaries, one of them just happens to be my first District Leader in the field (Elder Watson), and the other one was my Zone leader while I was serving in Brentwood (Elder Omori)! They are so amazing and inspired and It's so cool to see how far they've gone! Zone conferences, by the way are the most incredible spiritual recharge, not only do we get to see so many familiar and new missionaries and feel of their spirit and support, Sister Hewett and I recieved real revelation for ourselves and our Investigators and our ward and our area! We learned how to truly allow the Spirit to teach according to the needs of those around us through the way we ask questions that help them think, understand, accept, and apply the truths that we teach. We're going to work so hard to apply these principles! Our incredible Mission President closed the conference with a few of the many stories of the miracles of Christ and His healing power. Jesus Christ always cared about the 'one.' In Matthew 14, before He performs the miracle of feeding a multitude 5000, he ministered to the sick, one by one. He truly is our Savior and everything He does now, has ever done, and ever will do, will be for us. He wants ALL of us to have exaltation. And as a missionary we need to be like him, and focus on the one--so they can know Him individually and find that true joy through being healed!

Sister Hewett and I have seen miracles since then, We have 2 new investigators, Oscar and Maribel (a son and mother) and I KNOW that their whole family can and will be baptized! The journey is just starting with them, and I can't wait to see them continue to grow and progress towards the Savior! That is definitely one of the most incredible things about missonary work, guiding those around us and seeing their progression, seeing that light come into their eyes when they know the truth!

Of Course, we had a couple of exchanges this week, they were AWESOME! First, sister Lutui, an awesome tongan sister from Salt Lake, came to San Mateo with me, and she was so powerful and patient! Even though she doesn't speak Spanish, she was so willing to share her testimony, and the Spirit helped me translate every word! It was absolutely the gift of tongues! I'm so grateful that the Lord cares enough to help us in times of need, especially when it's for his work! Next I went to San Fransisco YSA with Sister Wiser, a brand-new 19 year-old sister! and WOW it's amazing how prepared these young sisters are for missionary work! I definitely couldn't have handled the city as a brand-new missionary. We had a great time talking to everyone and finding places to park on the crazy streets of San Fran! There is so much work to be done in the Young Single Adult program! It was a really neet learning experience of reaching out and trying to share the gospel in the hustle and bustle of the city! When it was all done I was SO glad to be back in peaceful San Mateo :) 

I just want you all to know that I LOOOOVE you! I'm thankful everyday for all of the support and love I feel from all of you, It really means so much. Have a wonderful week, and remember to PRAY for missionary experiences and invite those around you to find the happiness that you have through coming unto Christ! John 14:27.

Con amor,
Hermanita Mitchell

Monday, August 12, 2013


Hi everyone! The Lord has blessed us so much this week! We are truly seeing miracles! We taught our investigator Mike, (who wants to come to church so he can be baptized) about the power of Fasting, and he basically replied, "When can I start?!" We had a really powerful fast with him to help him find a way to come to church, either that his boss would soften his heart and let Mike change his shift, or that he can find another job that will support his desire to worship God! Not to mention, that entire day we fasted was FULL of temptations! NEVER in my entire time as a missionary have we been offered so much food. Which is strange for this area--here in San Mateo the members feed us once or twice a week, but there was not an appointment we went to that didn't offer us food. We even had a member call us up to have all the missionaries in the ward over for a big dinner, and we had to decline--this fast was not going down without a fight! I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers and the day Mike steps foot in the Chapel, I'm probably going to cry!

A beloved member of our ward passed away this week, Hermana Larios was 99 years old and 7 months. We visited her a 2 weeks ago and sang to her, though stuck in bed, she sang along to the chorus of "Jesus es mi Luz" (the Lord is my Light) and she blew us a kiss on our way out. Her funeral was yesterday and the chapel was FILLED to the brim, she is SO loved, I again got to participate in the music and the service was so spiritual and touching.  

We have a zone conference coming up this week and our zone is doing a special musical number! I somehow got elected to be incharche, so we're going to have the practice in a few minutes, We're singing the song "The Olive Tree" and I hope everyone likes it :) Also a General Authority is coming next month and everyone is SO excted to know who it is, I heard it's a member of the 70, so we'll keep you posted!

I love you ALL! thankyou so much for your prayers and support,
Remember to to be grateful for everything you have, and show your gratitude to Heavenly Father through your actions! Alma 37:37
Hermana Mitchell!

Monday, August 5, 2013


Hola mi familia y amigos preciosos!

This week has been a great way to start off the new transfer! We are happy and healthly and we have seen so many miracles! The elders had a baptism on Saturday and I got to participate in the music, which is ALWAYS a blessing to be a part of :) It was a beautiful baptism of a father who pretty soon will have the priesthood in hopes to baptize the rest of his family who was also there for the service! It is going to be so amazing when that happens. Also, we got a call a few days back from a return missionary who served here in this ward 3 years ago and was planning on visiting for church! She graduated in music performance in clarinet and asked if I could accompany her in sacrament meeting! So I only had a few days to learn a tough arrangement of "Come thou Fount," and with a few practices and lots of white-out to simplify the chords, It all worked out and the song was beautiful! I know that the Lord was helping guide my fingers and I prayed so hard that the Spirit would fill the room and help the congregation feel the spirit from the beautiful Clarinet and not hear my flubs! Heavenly Father answers prayers.

Our investigator Byron has come to church 3 times now and he loves it! We are still working with him on baptism, He wants to be baptized, but everytime we invite him, he says he feels like he needs to learn and experience everything before! So we're trying to help him understand that all he needs is a desire to follow Christ and to act! learning and growing and experiencing the gospel come after baptism as well as before! We're praying to know what spiritual experience we can help him have to feel desire to be baptized soon. Mike on the other hand wants to be baptized and has a date--He just can't make it to church because of his WORK!...  but we've been praying and fasting the Lord works many miracles according to faith! 

Our ward is feeling more and more like a family, and they are SO excited to have 2 new sisters in the ward! sister Hernandez and sister Garcia are incredible missionaries! Like sis. Hernandez, most of our ward is from El Salvador, so they recieved such a warm welcome, and sister Hewett and I are doing our best to help them settle in and get to know their area.

This morning I was studying chapter 1 of PMG, and I learned that truly understanding the atonement of Jesus Christ is what gives us the desire to share the gospel with every person around us. I love to share the gospel! I love to live it and teach it and help others know it too, but I feel like I can understand the atonement even more, and let that be more of the reason and the drive behind why I live and teach and share what I do. I want to be filled with that love so that everything I say is what the Savior would say to bring everyone back to Heavenly Father through Him. Now I just need to figure out how... I keep on thinking about that scripture that says something like, whosoever shall keep their life shall lose it, and whosoever shall lose their life for my sake, shall find it. I want to lose the old me, and rely solely on the savior in order to become like him--a new creature through Him! He has the power to change us, but we need to act in order to change ourselves, so I think I'm going to start with Humility.
I love you AAAAAALLLLL so very very much, and I hope your week is also full of miracles!
Hermana Mitchell

Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy one year mark!

Hola mi querida familia y amigos!! First off, Saturday night was transfer calls again! and here's the news............ I'm..............................STAYING IN SAN MATEO!!!! with Sister Hewett, too! I'm sooooooooo happy! Sister Hewett and I are still Sister Training Leaders, but they've assigned two more sister trainers on the other side of the bay, so that will cut the sisters we cover way down so we'll be conducting the exchanges with almost HALF the sisters we were in charge of before :) We'll just cover the peninsula, so that'll be so nice to be able to focus on our area a little bit more. I love being here in the San Francisco zone, there is SO MUCH work to be done! this week we'll be receiving 44 new missionaries in this mission, 7 of which are visa-waiters! There are a few missionaries that will be double-training (that is, training 2 new missionaries at the same time) and because of the high influx of sister in this mission, over half of the Elders in our mission are either District Leaders, Zone Leaders, or Assistants to the President. We're at about 46% Sisters and climbing! Speaking of which, we'll also be getting another set of sisters in our ward!!!! (maybe one of them will play piano so we can trade off on Sundays!) The work is really hastening and it's incredible to be right in the middle of it! The last Sunday of every month we have a meeting in Oakland at the VC called "Porque yo Creo" which means "why I believe" where recent converts share their testimonies and conversion stories. Our incredible senior couple serving in our ward brought us and our AWESOME  investigator Mike to it last night and it was so powerful! He's going to be baptized next month and we're so excited for him--on the way home he had all these great questions about fasting and praying and missionary work in foreign contries! It is just amazing the miracles we have been seeing! Just this week he told us that the day we talked to him he was in a really low point in his life and we helped pull him out of it--and we had no idea, we just talk to everyone we can!!! Byron came to church again! He is staying strong and reading the Book of Mormon! He gave up coffee and preparing for baptism! We have a new investigator that we found again, talking to everyone, and she let us come back, we've taught her twice and she is still confused about Joseph Smith... She doesn't really seem to understand the importance of any prophet, let alone one today... so last time we really focused on the role of prophets and the cycle of apostasy, and the need for a restoration. She started to open up more and ask more questions and we can see the potential in her shining through. This week I went on the last 2 exchanges for the transfer (yaaay!) first off, there's a brand new sister in the field named sister Mitchell (so if any of you send me anything, make sure it has my first name on it too ;) and I went with her to Walnut Creek! We had a ton of fun going to the BART station and talking with the people there, the conversation would be something like,
"Hi, I'm sister Mitchell,"
"Hi! ...I'm sister Mitchell too!"
"oh, Are you Sisters?"
"well... no, but yes..." :)
Never before have I testified so much that we are all brothers and sisters because we're children of our Heavenly Father! and that we're special and unique, even if we have the same name... hehe, but she is a GREAT missionary, so you and willing--fearless to share the gospel with everyone. Last, but not least, An incredible sister came here to San Mateo with me, Sister Dykes. She is so strong and lead by the Spirit! She's a convert of just a couple years. I honestly feel like I may be conducting the exchanges, but the sisters are the ones training me!!! She didn't speak a lick of Spanish before coming on here, and already--in less than 6 months her Spanish is fantastic! She is one determined missionary. All the sisters are so great, and always pushing me to be better! now with a new transfer, we get to start all over! I truly am SO excited that the Lord is letting me stay here in this area, with my incredible companion--I feel so blessed. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!
I hope you all remember that Heavenly Father knows you and loves you! He is eager to lead and guide and bless you, he just asks that we remain worthy, and that we ask, seek, and knock!
Have a beautiful week!!
Hermana Mitchell

p.s. Mom--I got your email! :D I'm looking forward to your package! I don't really know what I need.... my sockies are holding out well... If anything I need FEWER snacks... haha, so I guess just surprise me! some stamps and stationary would be favorite shoes are finally kicking the dust... you can literally see through them... thank goodness for the sister's closet! I'm excited to see what CD you're sending--thanks for thinking of me--I love you SOOOO MUCH!!!! my contacts are holding out well, I don't know about my eyes... but I'll push through, only about 5 more months! Give my loves to Daddio <3 <3 <3

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hola! (spoiler alert: Release Date Enclosed!)

Hey mom! I found out my return date is January 15, 2014--I know that grandpa and grandma were wondering too, so there it is :)

As for me,
this week has been an amazing one! 2 more exchanges down and two more to go! this is the last week of the transfer already, I can't believe it! Sister Hewett and I had a new investigator in church yesterday and it was SO EXCITING! His name is Byron, he's from Guatemala and he's so great, so mature for 17 years old, he wants to be obedient and follow God! It was his first time there, he was just beaming with happiness! We had some great members instantly fellowship and offer him rides to activities and church and wow, It has been so amazing to see--I've come to realize that as missionaries, we're NOTHING without the members in our ward, because after a few weeks or months, we're gone, but the members are the ones who really mean the most to help our investigators come into the fold and STAY there! Just last night one of our last active members that we've been seeing on a weekly basis (She's our neighbor who comes to church on and off and I have come to love her SO MUCH) told us that she's prayed about it, and she wants to leave the church. my heart sank, then broke into a million pieces. I've never felt so much sadness for a person in my life! It honestly felt like more sadness was channeling through me than coming from me, but I could just devistation in the air, and I imagined how Heavenly Father felt! my feelings were probably just a small portion of that. But, I know that she will see a difference in her life, she will realize the blessings of the Gospel that she once had and she'll come back. So, Thank goodness today's a new day, we can start again. But if there's anything I took away from that experience is that when I go home, I'm not going to let members fall through the cracks without a friend! we're the ones that help those around us stay strong, we can't do it alone! We've promised not to! Mosiah 18:8-10.
I really really love you ALL! and I hope you have an amazing week! Pray for missionary experiences and remember to Smile, smile, smile!
Con much carino,
Hermana Mitchell