Wednesday, November 6, 2013

(sorry this was delayed) Happy Haunted House-Cleaning!

Hello family and friends!!!! This last week was great! Halloween was tons of fun, We had dinner with a wonderful member hna. Monterrosa (she's from Guatemala!) and while there we got to feed squirrels and ducks. It was kind of bazar, She lives in a pretty normal city-neighborhoodish area and all these ducks just wadled up to her door and started quacking... turns out our she feeds them on a regular basis! But on that night it seemed like an extra funny trick-or-treat suprise! After that we returned right home and had to fill out our "happy haunted house-cleaning" check-list! I was surprised how clean the fridge and oven were, the biggest job was the tile in the bathroom.... but some good scrubbing got the job done. It's really amazing how a clean home invites the spirit so tangibly. I guess that goes to show that if we want to keep the spirit with us in anything we do we've got to work hard to achieve it, and then maintain it day by day, or else it'll slip away again...

So... Our investigators are progressing! Mike is still preparing for baptism, he has so many good questions and is sincerely understanding the Book of Mormon! He's really letting the spirit open his mind and his heart and it's so great to see the changes he's making! We also set a Baptismal date with Carolina for December 1st (finally!) We've asked her sooo many times and she always said that she wants to eventually, but won't set a date yet... we had a powerful lesson about faith and said YES! We took her to the VC on Saturday night and she Loved IT! We're realy excited for her progression :) Hermana McLaws and I are still set on finding new investigators and we're working really hard to do so! Keep San Mateo in your prayers, there are soooo many prepared people and I know the Lord will either lead us to them or lead them to us!!! Our English class is doing so well! We're going to start teaching it twice a week because we're seeing a pretty good amount of interest! Also, it's finally starting to cool down here in San Mateo, I can wear a scarff and my boots without over-heating! I love the crisp air and the bright red crunchy-leaves.

Exchanges are still on! 2 down and 8 more to go in the next month! I can't believe it's been 4 transfers as a Sister Trainer,  exchanges truly make the time FLY by, and they bring SO MANY MIRACLES!!!

Keep working hard, and acting in FAITH, because it's by faith that miracles happen :)
Les quiero muchisisisisisimo!!!
Hermana Mitchell

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