Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hi Family and Friends!!! I'm so amazed that it's P-DAY again!!!! This week as been great, we have been really struggling with our investigators lately, they just aren't acting, they say they have faith but don't put it to the test, and that keeps them from progressing... Long story short, we have been doing a lot of FINDING! On tuesday I was in the area on an exchange with a brand-new Tongan sister! after studies and a good lunch we had some finding activities and tracting planned in the schedule and I just felt the prompting to go to 19th street. I didn't know why, but that's what we did. We found a parking spot and prayed and walked to the closest door, it was open! so I called "Buenas! Buenas tardes!" and this cute little lady popped her head around the corner! She looked sad. We talked a bit to get to know her and I started to testify about God's love for all of us and our families--when I asked if we could come back and share more of the message with her she asked us to come in right then and there! We started teaching the message of the restoration and she started crying and told us she has 2 daughters far away in El Salvador and it's so hard for her, that morning she had been feeling so sad and had prayed for help from God. She said that we were that sign. We gave her a Book of Mormon and set a return appointment and went back on Thursday, and she READ! she read 4 chapters! She loved it. She felt so much peace and comfort from the plan of Salvation and she said yes to baptism! and it was just a miracle! We are so excited to keep teaching her and helping her come even closer to Christ. Heavenly Father knows our efforts! He makes miracles happen. It takes a lot of faith to drop investigators, but when you do, He either leads those who are prepared to you, or leads you to them! Sorry this email is short, but I know that we all have a very special purpose here on earth, and part of that purpose is loving and serving one another. Always remember that God loves you as well as those around you!
Hermana Mitchell

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