Thursday, September 19, 2013


Helloooo family and friends! What a week! We're working hard with our investigators, we're going to have to drop some of them because they're just not willing or able to progress right now, but the Lord is putting prepared people in our path! Dropping investigators shows a lot of faith to the Lord that we'll follow his will and find those who are willing to receive us! so we're looking forward to finding :)

We had the most exciting activity this week for the "dia de Hispanidad" (I found out that 5 de Mayo is pretty much a made-up holiday that Americans have comercialized and that latino's don't actually celebrate... who would've thought? they're real independence day is celebrated in September) And it was WAY too much fun--tables from every country that members of our ward represent were themed with native artifacts and pictures and FOOOD! El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile, Honduras, Mexico, Gratemala!!! We had Tamales, Pupusas, Empenadas, Horchata, Cacao, Chicha morada! and the list goes on..... and on, and on. I don't know how my body handled all the food! It was SOOO GOOOD. La comida Latina es lo MEJOR en todo el MUNDO!

I'll have to end this email quick today because we went to the temple today and I'm short on time, but WOW. I learned so much. Heavenly Father's love and spirit and guidance is so strong in the temple and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be here on earth right now and to know what Heavenly Father's plan and purpose is for all of us. It truly was the spiritual boost I needed. I really encourage you all to make it more of a priority to go to the temple and remember the promises that Heavenly Father has waiting for you as you obey His commandments. D&C 82:10

Les quiero TANTO!!!
Hermanita Mitchell

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