Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things are about to get crazy...

Buenas tardes everyone!!! This has been another amazing week! We were able to meet with Mike again and set a new Baptism date with him (keep your fingers crossed for November 17th)!! He has 1 month to come to church 2 more times, he said he's really try to work it out with his boss. He is so willing and ready to follow Jesus Christ, it's so frustrating when worldly things get in the way! So my companion, Sister Hewett, only has 1 week left before she heads home to N. Carolina and the ward members have signed up for dinners and/or lunches EVERY DAY this upcoming week (which rarely happens) so we are looking forward to enjoying every moment of our last week together!!! well except for the 2 exchanges that we'll have... so 5 days of the next week will be spend together anyway! She is such a strong example to me of OBEDIENCE and DILIGENCE! I'm learning so much from her :) I'm absolutely AMAZED that I only have 2 transfers left.. but in reality I have a LIFETIME left to serve the Lord, which is what's most important. We are continuing to see blessings and miracles here in San Mateo as we discover new ways to find and open our mouths to everyone! I like to think of Lehi's example of charity in 1 Nephi 8, when he's partaken of the fruit and joy of eternal life, the first thing he does is BECKON to those who were lost to come and partake of it themselves! The joy of the gospel is so wonderful, and when we've truly experienced it in our lives, it's just natural to want to share it! 
I love you all sooooo much! always remember to pray for opportunities to love and serve those around you!
Hermana Mitchell

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