Friday, November 1, 2013

Una semana de MILAGROS!

Buenas!!! This week has been an amazing one! Lots of transitions, which are hard, but good. Sister McLaws settled in well on Tuesday and we got right to work! Tuesday night for our English class was AMAZING! It's finally getting going, we had 3 members at English class last week, AND 3 non-members!!!!! MIRACLES! Humberto (this guy who called us from one of our adds we put up in the laundromats) is the BEST! He's totally going to get baptized... we'll work the gospel into his heart through the English language.... It's such a great act of service as well as an inspired finding tool. We also did Service at a food-service place called the Samaritan house and it was AWESOME! We get to organize bags full of food for low-income families :) We found a great potential investigator who has a bi-polar son, she asked us to pray for him. ALSO! more Miracles, Mike came to a multi-congregational church concert thing AND brought a friend. When our church got up to sing the spirit was SO strong, much stronger than any of the other songs, Mike said it was the best too :) (I mean, all the churches were great, there's just something special that the Hymns of the Restoration bring) His baptismal date is still for the 17th, and he just needs to come to church 1 more time! We have a new investigator named Felix, he's 70 years old... we saw him for the 2nd time this week and within a week he read 18 chapters of the Book of Mormon! WOW! and he doesn't like Nephi at all, he things he's conceited and always talks about himself... HAH! but he said he's be baptized if he finds out it's true, so we're excited for him (and are fasting and praying that he'll listen to the Spirit and know it's true!!!).

ALSO! exchanges start up again this week! So from here on out the transfer is going to FLY by, that's what exchanges ALWAYS do to the time... The Lord must have something big that I haven't learned yet from being a Siter Training Leader, because this is my 4th transfer being one... He's so patient with me!

Today we're carving pumpkins for our district activity... YAY!

Well that's a few of the highlights of our week, It's finally starting to feel crisp and cool like FALL here and I LOVE IT!!!
Remember to ALWAYS look for un-planned service opportunities! Ask yourself what the Savior would do and follow what the spirit tells you!
con ABRAZOS!!!
Hermana Mitchell

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