Tuesday, September 10, 2013

las nuevas!

Hellooooo family and friends! I can't believe it's Monday again--hooray! Today's the first day of a new transfer, We got the call Saturday night and...................... Sister Hewett and I are STAYING together! Still sister training leaders, and still in San Mateo!!! We have 9 new sister areas opening up this transfer so we'll be conducting even MORE exchanges, I just hope and pray that there's SOMETHING that the sisters can learn from me and the experiences we have together! I'm so happy. this is sister Hewett's last transfer (not happy) but I want to help it to be a very special one! She's such a great missionary and great companion and I'm really grateful that the Lord is keeping us together. YAAAY!!

Also, MIRACLES! So our investigator Mike is doing so good, he's fasted and has been praying to be able to come to work! He came to a baptism that the elders had on Saturday thought it was great! He said he wants to know what it's like since it's something that he's going to do! It was amazing. AND he finally got Sunday off from work and he CAME to CHURCH yesterday! that really put the icing on the cake. He just needs to continue to come until his baptism in a couple weeks so we can actually go through with it, if not it will have to be post-poned (sadness) but he's still progressing in the right direction--He said he's really seen his life change since he's met the gospel.

So this morning we had a district activity and it was SO fun! I may or may not have told you all that one of the missionaries in our district is from El Salvador--for lunch she showed us all how to make PUPUSAS! (I would describe them as tortilla pancakes stuffed with beans and cheese and meat, with a special sauce and cole-slaw type topping) This was the second time I've made them so this time they were much prettier!! We also had platanos fritos (fried plantains) and frijoles (re-fried red beans) and delicious crema from El Salvador too, It was quite the spread-DEICIOUS!

We went on 3 exchanges this last week--so Sister Hewett and I are DEAD! and once we get the list of where everyone is after transfers tomorrow, we'll start all over again! I got to spend some time in Daly City and teach with some WONDERFUL new sisters who are doing so well--We taught a Cuban guy and his accent was SO thick--It was definitely the Lord helping us understand his questions! I also went to China town in San Fransisco with my old companion sister Lau!! It's crazy that we're both over here on this side of the bay, It was definitely a blessing to have some time with her again--we've both grown so much over the last 6 months :) We taught some lessons in chinese and sister Lau translated for me :) We also got up in the morning and ran in Golden Gate Park! I definitely love my mission!

Well I'm going to sign off for another week, but remember that I love you ALL and that when you make sacrifices for the Lord, He'll bless you so much more in return!
ABRAZOS! Hermana Mitchell :)

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