Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hola! (spoiler alert: Release Date Enclosed!)

Hey mom! I found out my return date is January 15, 2014--I know that grandpa and grandma were wondering too, so there it is :)

As for me,
this week has been an amazing one! 2 more exchanges down and two more to go! this is the last week of the transfer already, I can't believe it! Sister Hewett and I had a new investigator in church yesterday and it was SO EXCITING! His name is Byron, he's from Guatemala and he's so great, so mature for 17 years old, he wants to be obedient and follow God! It was his first time there, he was just beaming with happiness! We had some great members instantly fellowship and offer him rides to activities and church and wow, It has been so amazing to see--I've come to realize that as missionaries, we're NOTHING without the members in our ward, because after a few weeks or months, we're gone, but the members are the ones who really mean the most to help our investigators come into the fold and STAY there! Just last night one of our last active members that we've been seeing on a weekly basis (She's our neighbor who comes to church on and off and I have come to love her SO MUCH) told us that she's prayed about it, and she wants to leave the church. my heart sank, then broke into a million pieces. I've never felt so much sadness for a person in my life! It honestly felt like more sadness was channeling through me than coming from me, but I could just devistation in the air, and I imagined how Heavenly Father felt! my feelings were probably just a small portion of that. But, I know that she will see a difference in her life, she will realize the blessings of the Gospel that she once had and she'll come back. So, Thank goodness today's a new day, we can start again. But if there's anything I took away from that experience is that when I go home, I'm not going to let members fall through the cracks without a friend! we're the ones that help those around us stay strong, we can't do it alone! We've promised not to! Mosiah 18:8-10.
I really really love you ALL! and I hope you have an amazing week! Pray for missionary experiences and remember to Smile, smile, smile!
Con much carino,
Hermana Mitchell

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