Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It's a beautiful day at the CCM! I can't believe that today is the start to week 4! We went to the temple this morning and it was incredible. I love going to the temple, I learn something new every time. So since school just started here at BYU, all the teachers in my zone changed. We we got 2 new teachers this week and with new teachers come new investigators (get it? our teachers ARE our investigators...). I'm excited, but kinda sad, we were making good progress with the last investigators, but what can you do? It's all about learning and growing :) So all together in this CCM experience, I'll have a total of 6 teachers, (because we had substitues for the first week) which is kinda different, but fun!

hmm so what's going on over here... I'm starting to think in spanish, which is weird, and it's strange when we have workshops that have us teach in English because we've been working so hard at teaching in Spanish! It's so interesting how teaching the lessons is helping me learn more about the gospel as well as the language too. We still aren't doing a ton with grammar and vocab in class, it's really stressed that everything else will come when it needs to, So I'm just going with it and loving every minute!

So last week was our first TRC (Teaching Resource Center) experience, which is kinda scary but mostly fun, we get to teach volunteers from the community. Some are members and some are investigators, some are native Spanish speakers and others aren't. the TRC is SO helpful because it's all about real interaction with people, they even set up the classrooms like a home, and we need to knock the door and introduce ourselves and our message and everything--so it feels pretty real! The first people we taught were the sweetest old couple ever! they shared their conversion stories and gave us great encouragement, and I was so excited that I could understand almost everything they said in their native Spanish. The people in the second "home" we visited were so great too, all college age. Two of them were members and one was not, but he was interested in the Gospel, so we taught him about the importance of prayer and he prayed with us and he committed to reading what we assigned him out of the Book of Mormon and praying about it! I know that these teaching programs here are inspired because even though we're supposed to be the ones teaching, we're really the ones being taught!

Have I told you about my Companions? Hermana Becar is so great, she's from Southern California and is going to the Dominican Republic! She is so fun and outgoing, I look up to her a lot in her ability to talk to anyone and everyone so easily! and Hermana Williams is from Ohio, going to Reno. She is SO smart. She really treasures the scriptures and has spent so much of her life learning from them, I also look up to her a lot in that. We have so much fun together and we're learning a lot from each other as we try to teach. It's great because they both enjoy music, we all go to Choir together and it is so great, We sang "Jesus, once of Humble Birth" last night devotional. I LOVE that song, especially how every line shows Christ's humility and lowly circumstances and how powerful he is now, I can always feel the spirit while singing here. Hermana Williams has a beautiful voice and we really want to do a duet together in a Fireside, so we're going to hunt down an accompanist to play for us.

My health is improving every day and I'm almost ovre this sickness I've had for a few weeks, thank you for all your prayers, and letters make my day!

LES QUIERO <3 Take care, and know that I love you and know that this is the best place I could ever be! Thanks for your love and support

Hermana Mitchell

Oh and Mom or Jena or whoever is sending a package: I would LOVE some more little sockies, the skin color ones. it seems like I've lost almost half of them somehow.... and I really need a white shirt... any white blouse, just something that I can wear with any of my skirts.... please please please!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Week NUMERO DOS in the MTC

Dear Family,
First off: Thank you for all of you love and support--I couldn't be here learning and growing and preparing to teach about Jesus Christ and his TRUE Gospel with out it! I can't believe it has been 2 weeks already! I feel so blessed to be here in a place where the spirit can be felt at all times! Oh guess what?! I have Bronchitis.. yeah, that last email I sent, where I said I thought I was getting better? Turns out it was just evolving.... so yeah, but now I really am on the mend! I got it checked out and I'm on an anti-biotic and cough syrup and I'm already feeling so much better! It has actually been kind of a blessing, inspite of my sickness, i've been triying hard to keep this illness from bringing me down--so through my coughs I've been studying hard and and preparing to teach and always always praying (in spanish) for help to push through this and that when the time comes for me to teach that my cough will be suppressed enough so I can communicate and share those things that I have prepared, and the Lord has blessed me so. We would go in to teach an investigator and I had the ablility to teach and testify and say what was in my heart before my cough came back. I know heavenly father loves me and is helping me and blessing me through these teaching experiences so much! I'm really learning to rely on my Savior.

Yesterday we had a special guest for Devotional! Elder Neil L. Anderson came and spoke to us, it was a great surpirse (I love how they keep who's speaking a secret, so there's always this excitement, everybody whispering "I wonder if it's going to be an apostle!") He was SO fun, he recorded us singing Happy Birthday to President Monson (who turned 85 yesterday) and he had so many incredibly strengthening and positive words and stories for us missionaries. AND I got to sing in the choir :) we sang "Behold the Wounds in Jesus' Hands" and it was SO PRETTY! I love participating in music here, every time I get the chance :) speaking of which, I'm playing a special musical number this Sunday in my branch, I just have to decide which one to do... I was planning on singing but my throat isn't ready for that yet... but I'm so excited, they have a whole music library to choose from here! it's heaven.

P-DAY isn't nearly long enough, I still have laundry to do and letters to write and there's still class tonight in just a few hours! But we got to go to the temple this morning and it was Wonderful! Our Zone isn't aloud to take naps :( but It's good because it pushes me to get more done :)

Thanks again for your letters and prayers!

And thanks for the box mom and dad :)

and if you're sending another box this way someday, I'm really missing some of my seminary songbooks (and some other music in that colorful folder somewhere around my piano with good songs in it... I KNOW I'll want them for the field :)

Sorry my letters are so brief, I blame my slow typing skills.... OH but I just found out that as part of my Visitor's Center calling, I will be doing online proselyting, so that's new and exciting!

I know that if you do all that you can and pray for help in faith, that the Lord will bless you!

Hermana Mitchell

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy P-Day!!

Hey Mom! It was so great getting your DearElder letter a few days ago (that really is the best way cuz then I can spend all 30 minutes of my weekly email time responding instead of reading them... I only have 13 minutes left!!!) so keep on doing that as long as I'm in the MTC! and plus it's just fun to get an actual letter with your name on it. P-Day is GREAT! We went to the temple this morning, which was awesome, I didn't see grandma but a sweet lady said she would give her my love (we're at the temple from 7-10 and grandma doesn't come in till 11). Laundry time is in 2 hours, YAY! We've been teaching an investigator in Spanish and it has been slow, but really good, I am learning SO MUCH just through experience, it has been really good for me, I'm excited to push myself even more as the weeks continue. Top bunk is working out great (AAH 10 minutes left!) the food is delicious and we can eat as much as we want! ...but don't worry, I've been realy good :) no sodas or breads and only 1 cooking a day.... :D ...their cookies are reaaaallllly good... My clothes are great! ...but.... could you maybe send me that brown skirt that I refused to bring even though you said I should? and also one more t-shirt? that Smith Family one would be great, I'm realizing that the couple I brought aren't quite enough. Oh! and also a little mirror, like that little round one that I left somewhere in my room (probably on the floor) with sunflowers on the back :) GYM is awesome, it's really pushing me to participate in sports (kind of a foreign concept to me...), I found out that I'm pretty good at basketball... I'm learning new things every day! I've already seen a hand-full of Missionaries from my mission prep class at BYUI, which as been great! and Sarah even smuggled me a box from Cindy during dinner last night! It is so great to see some familiar faces here. My time is almost up, but I just have to tell you that I love you MOSTER-IST!!!

Please tell Jena:
Thank you for your letters, they are a constant strength to me. Especially that first one, I want you to know that I take so much strength in the fact that you've been here and done this before. I love you SO and I'll send you a letter with more details, i just don't have time right now!

YOU STINKER! :P thanks for the letter you snuck into my luggage, I love you sooooo much. PLEASE send me your address so I can write you, emailing just takes too much time, and If you can get a hold of cassy's address too, that would be great!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

The first day of the next 18 months...

We dropped Sister Mitchell off at the MTC on Wednesday @ 1:15. Some Elders came out to help her with the luggage, and then gave us a minute to say goodbye. Grandma and Grandpa just gave her a quick hug and a "good luck" (they've done this enough times to keep their eyes dry) but Cassy and I were crying and couldn't stop hugging her. She finally disentangled herself from our grasp, gave us a happy thumbs up, and walked off with a bounce in her step and the prettiest smile I've ever seen.
 She is sooo ready for this. I just don't think the rest of the family is!! I can't believe the baby of the family is off to face the world!
Sister Mitchell's emails will appear on this blog, along with photos, starting next week. We don't know when her P-day (preparation day) is yet, so just hang tight until we get her first email!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

This is it!!!

Starting this Wednesday, I will be serving a proselyting mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Oakland/San Francisco Mission!! I will be serving in the Spanish language and spending a portion of my service in the Oakland LDS Temple Visitor's Center. I am SO EXCITED for this opportunity to be a representative of the Lord and to endeavor to bring people unto Him so they can come to know, as I have, of the great love that He has for them. Good luck with all you do and wish me luck the same! I will return February of 2014!! 

Until October 17th, my address will be:

Sister Kristin Joy Mitchell
MTC Mailbox # 325
CA-OAK 1017
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

After October 17th:

Sister Kristin Joy Mitchell
California Oakland/San Francisco Mission
4945 Lincoln Way
Oakland, CA 94602
United States

(this address is subject to change, so keep an eye on my blog)

And if you want an easier way to write me, go! It sends letters to the MTC the very next day and it's free! Go to, select Provo MTC mission, my name and mission and it'll get to me promptly in letter form! :D

All my love ♥
Sister Kristin Joy Mitchell
NOTE: From now on, all posts will be posted by Kristin's sister, Kate Haderlie