Tuesday, October 22, 2013


HOLA!!!! It's monday.... again!!! how is this possible? This transfer has completely FLOWN by. I can't believe that we've conducted 10 companionship exchanges and got our English class up and running (we had 3 members last time--woohoo! that's 200% more people than our first class!) and still found lots of new investigators! The Lord is truly putting Miracles in our path! We have a new couple that we're teaching named Isabel and Marcos, they are SO amazing, and they're also SO prepared by the Lord to recieve the gospel. a few weeks back, Isabel was having terribly awful headaches and couldn't find a single remedy--her sister-in-law (who just happens to be our incredible investigator Rocio) suggested that she get a blessing from the Elders. At that point Isabel was willing to try anything! so the elders went and gave her a powerful blessing and Isabel said she felt the spirit SO strongly and that moment her pains were GONE and haven't come back since! I love the power of the Priesthood, and how our Heavenly Father loves us SO MUCH that he would restore this Priesthood and give a His power to righteous men so we can feel the love of God and have those blessings in our life!

So we all know my wonderful companion sister Hewett is going home...... so transfer calls on Saturday night were actually more exciting because there was no other option than seeing where I'd go or who I would be with! sooo here's the news.....................

I'M STAYING IN SAN MATEO!!!! (that'll put me 6 months in one place--it's a record!!!) My new companion will be the one and only SISTER MCLAWS!!! I know that none of you know who that is... but she's pretty much famous in the mission for her fire and spunk and energy and love for this missionary work! She's from Park City UT, She's more than 6 feet tall... We were actually in the MTC at the same time, and came out here to the same mission at the same time!! But we weren't in the same district because I was doing VC training... but anyway, SO exciting. I KNOW that this is just what our area needs and we are going to see incredible things happen here together! I still have a secret wish to go back to the Visitor's Center for my last transfer so I can be part of the magic and music and amazingness of the Christmas program again! We'll see what the Lord has in mind... I'll go wherever he needs me!

That's all I have to say for now, keep your testimony strong by sharing it with those around you!
Les quiero muuuuuuuuuucho!!!
Hermana Mitchell

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things are about to get crazy...

Buenas tardes everyone!!! This has been another amazing week! We were able to meet with Mike again and set a new Baptism date with him (keep your fingers crossed for November 17th)!! He has 1 month to come to church 2 more times, he said he's really try to work it out with his boss. He is so willing and ready to follow Jesus Christ, it's so frustrating when worldly things get in the way! So my companion, Sister Hewett, only has 1 week left before she heads home to N. Carolina and the ward members have signed up for dinners and/or lunches EVERY DAY this upcoming week (which rarely happens) so we are looking forward to enjoying every moment of our last week together!!! well except for the 2 exchanges that we'll have... so 5 days of the next week will be spend together anyway! She is such a strong example to me of OBEDIENCE and DILIGENCE! I'm learning so much from her :) I'm absolutely AMAZED that I only have 2 transfers left.. but in reality I have a LIFETIME left to serve the Lord, which is what's most important. We are continuing to see blessings and miracles here in San Mateo as we discover new ways to find and open our mouths to everyone! I like to think of Lehi's example of charity in 1 Nephi 8, when he's partaken of the fruit and joy of eternal life, the first thing he does is BECKON to those who were lost to come and partake of it themselves! The joy of the gospel is so wonderful, and when we've truly experienced it in our lives, it's just natural to want to share it! 
I love you all sooooo much! always remember to pray for opportunities to love and serve those around you!
Hermana Mitchell

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This week was AMAZING! General Conference was an extra special boost! On Saturday we went to a wonderful member's house to watch it and our Peruvian investigator Mike came! The one who prayed and fasted so things could work out with his work! about a month ago he started to get really really busy and wasn't able to meet with us for a while, but just last week he called us and said he's been reading from the Book of Mormon again! I know he'll be baptized soon! just 2 more times at church, he's so ready!! He really liked conference too, I think I may have seen his eyes water from Elder Holland's talk :) and WOW  I loved President Uchtdorf's talk, It's given me a new moto for myself, "Our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble but by the number of times we stand up dust ourselves off, and stride forward." It's so true. We won't get any stronger if we give up everytime a trial comes our way, and it's likely that more trials will come our way after we show that we can push through it with faith in the Lord... and that's how we're truly changed and refined. I'm so grateful to be a missionary NOW!

On Sunday we watched conference in the Stake center, and even though it was great in Spanish, there's just something extra special about hearing the actual voices of the Prophet and Apostles. between sessions the Tongan ward made a HUGE lunch for all of us! Tongans are the BEST!  We enjoyed a buffet of rice, meatballs, fish-heads(yes I ate it and it was delicious), chicken, steak, pasta, and sweet-potatoes! I love how food is such a defining characteristic in different cultures! :) and this mission is FILLED with diversity, I feel so blessed!

So Sister Hewett and I are now officially English teachers! We started our English class last Tuesday and we'll be holding our second one tomorrow night, hopefully we'll have more than one student like our first class.... we've been placing a ton of fliers up in different places like laundromats and restaurants in hopes that news will spread :) The elders in our ward had a baptism from their English class, and Sister Hewett and I need to do some FINDING since we've dropped almost all of our investigators and started over, so we're EXCITED! :) Sister Hewett only has 2 weeks left, so I'm trying to brace myself for when she goes! The ward loves her so much, and so do all the sister missionaries, she has been such wonderful sister training leader, and example to me! Well, I've got to go, the work continues, please join in and help spread the joy of the gospel to those around you, because it's truly for everyone :)
Hermana Mitchell