Monday, August 19, 2013


QUE TAL Y'ALL!? This week has been AMAZING! as usual! First off, I'M SO EXCITED TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN!!! I'm so glad that everyone's happy and HEALTHY!  YAAAY Becca and Aaron! I can't wait to meet little Jaylee in just 5 months!

This week we had an INSPIRING zone conference. The APs (Assistants to the President) are incredible missionaries, one of them just happens to be my first District Leader in the field (Elder Watson), and the other one was my Zone leader while I was serving in Brentwood (Elder Omori)! They are so amazing and inspired and It's so cool to see how far they've gone! Zone conferences, by the way are the most incredible spiritual recharge, not only do we get to see so many familiar and new missionaries and feel of their spirit and support, Sister Hewett and I recieved real revelation for ourselves and our Investigators and our ward and our area! We learned how to truly allow the Spirit to teach according to the needs of those around us through the way we ask questions that help them think, understand, accept, and apply the truths that we teach. We're going to work so hard to apply these principles! Our incredible Mission President closed the conference with a few of the many stories of the miracles of Christ and His healing power. Jesus Christ always cared about the 'one.' In Matthew 14, before He performs the miracle of feeding a multitude 5000, he ministered to the sick, one by one. He truly is our Savior and everything He does now, has ever done, and ever will do, will be for us. He wants ALL of us to have exaltation. And as a missionary we need to be like him, and focus on the one--so they can know Him individually and find that true joy through being healed!

Sister Hewett and I have seen miracles since then, We have 2 new investigators, Oscar and Maribel (a son and mother) and I KNOW that their whole family can and will be baptized! The journey is just starting with them, and I can't wait to see them continue to grow and progress towards the Savior! That is definitely one of the most incredible things about missonary work, guiding those around us and seeing their progression, seeing that light come into their eyes when they know the truth!

Of Course, we had a couple of exchanges this week, they were AWESOME! First, sister Lutui, an awesome tongan sister from Salt Lake, came to San Mateo with me, and she was so powerful and patient! Even though she doesn't speak Spanish, she was so willing to share her testimony, and the Spirit helped me translate every word! It was absolutely the gift of tongues! I'm so grateful that the Lord cares enough to help us in times of need, especially when it's for his work! Next I went to San Fransisco YSA with Sister Wiser, a brand-new 19 year-old sister! and WOW it's amazing how prepared these young sisters are for missionary work! I definitely couldn't have handled the city as a brand-new missionary. We had a great time talking to everyone and finding places to park on the crazy streets of San Fran! There is so much work to be done in the Young Single Adult program! It was a really neet learning experience of reaching out and trying to share the gospel in the hustle and bustle of the city! When it was all done I was SO glad to be back in peaceful San Mateo :) 

I just want you all to know that I LOOOOVE you! I'm thankful everyday for all of the support and love I feel from all of you, It really means so much. Have a wonderful week, and remember to PRAY for missionary experiences and invite those around you to find the happiness that you have through coming unto Christ! John 14:27.

Con amor,
Hermanita Mitchell

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