Tuesday, August 27, 2013


HOLA mis queridos! It's another BEAUTIFUL day in the BAY! seriously, everyday I'm amazed that it's the end of August because it's been a breezy 70 degrees all summer long--much different from the East Bay and the 100 degree weather in Brentwood! We are continually seeing miracles here in the Oakland/San Fransisco Mission. Every transfer we have more missionaries come in than those that are leaving, and so many incredible SISTERS! they are so ready for this missionary work! we'll be transitioning slowly, but in a couple of weeks we sould have 5 SISTER companionships on bike--for the last few years bikes have been reserved strictly for elders! So that'll be fun to see! As a sister training leader, we travel all around the mission, so I don't know how likely it is that we'll get a bike, but I'm totally willing in any case! 

So Sister Hewett and I are constantly seeing MIRACLES! It's amazing having 3 companionships in our Ward, AND a senior couple, the work is truly hastening! all together we had 12 investigators in church yesterday--4 of them are ones that we are teaching personally! The members have been so KEY in helping our investigators come to church and want to stay! We have been praying so hard for the ward to have their own missionary experiences, and the power of prayer is REAL! We're still working with Mike, his fast was so powerful and he really wants to be baptized, he knows that he needs this change, now the only thing holding him back is work. He set his baptismal date for September 29th so he would have 6 Sundays to try to come only 3 times, we're still praying for miracles--we know it'll happen! We're working with the family Aranda, we're having an FHE with them tonight--the whole family are members EXCEPT for the MOM! they've been married for 16 years and she still hasn't come around to the gospel, BUT, it's the sweetest thing, for FHE her 5 children trade off teaching the lessons and we can see her heart changing--poco a poco. We also met our goals and taught 20 lessons this week!!!! Now it's time to push, we can do better :)

Exchanges are still going strong! I went with sister Oa from Samoa, she has grown SO much and her English has become fluent in the last 9 months, I'm so proud of her! and we have one amazing sister here named sister Pope, from Kansas. I love her! During the exchange, I felt like I was the one being trained! She will surely be a sister training leader soon :) I love transforming power of the atonement in this missionary work. I studied Lehi's Dream this morning in 1 Nephi 8. It's probably one of my favorite parts of the book of Mormon. I love verse 24--It's so important to CLING to the word of God, not just hold it every once in a while, or pick it up when times are hard. This life is about walking by faith and not by sight--without the word of God we're blind--so make it part of your life, it'll guide you! I also took a lot of strength from verse 33--the world will point and mock at us without a doubt, the important thing is:DON'T LISTEN! straying from the tree of life is part of Satan't plan, not God's--so hold on tight and don't let go, the light at the end is so worth it.

Our district is going to the Golden Gate today! and then to Mitchell's Icecream (the best in the WORLD!)

I love you all so much, you're always in my prayers!
Hermana Mitchell

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