Monday, August 5, 2013


Hola mi familia y amigos preciosos!

This week has been a great way to start off the new transfer! We are happy and healthly and we have seen so many miracles! The elders had a baptism on Saturday and I got to participate in the music, which is ALWAYS a blessing to be a part of :) It was a beautiful baptism of a father who pretty soon will have the priesthood in hopes to baptize the rest of his family who was also there for the service! It is going to be so amazing when that happens. Also, we got a call a few days back from a return missionary who served here in this ward 3 years ago and was planning on visiting for church! She graduated in music performance in clarinet and asked if I could accompany her in sacrament meeting! So I only had a few days to learn a tough arrangement of "Come thou Fount," and with a few practices and lots of white-out to simplify the chords, It all worked out and the song was beautiful! I know that the Lord was helping guide my fingers and I prayed so hard that the Spirit would fill the room and help the congregation feel the spirit from the beautiful Clarinet and not hear my flubs! Heavenly Father answers prayers.

Our investigator Byron has come to church 3 times now and he loves it! We are still working with him on baptism, He wants to be baptized, but everytime we invite him, he says he feels like he needs to learn and experience everything before! So we're trying to help him understand that all he needs is a desire to follow Christ and to act! learning and growing and experiencing the gospel come after baptism as well as before! We're praying to know what spiritual experience we can help him have to feel desire to be baptized soon. Mike on the other hand wants to be baptized and has a date--He just can't make it to church because of his WORK!...  but we've been praying and fasting the Lord works many miracles according to faith! 

Our ward is feeling more and more like a family, and they are SO excited to have 2 new sisters in the ward! sister Hernandez and sister Garcia are incredible missionaries! Like sis. Hernandez, most of our ward is from El Salvador, so they recieved such a warm welcome, and sister Hewett and I are doing our best to help them settle in and get to know their area.

This morning I was studying chapter 1 of PMG, and I learned that truly understanding the atonement of Jesus Christ is what gives us the desire to share the gospel with every person around us. I love to share the gospel! I love to live it and teach it and help others know it too, but I feel like I can understand the atonement even more, and let that be more of the reason and the drive behind why I live and teach and share what I do. I want to be filled with that love so that everything I say is what the Savior would say to bring everyone back to Heavenly Father through Him. Now I just need to figure out how... I keep on thinking about that scripture that says something like, whosoever shall keep their life shall lose it, and whosoever shall lose their life for my sake, shall find it. I want to lose the old me, and rely solely on the savior in order to become like him--a new creature through Him! He has the power to change us, but we need to act in order to change ourselves, so I think I'm going to start with Humility.
I love you AAAAAALLLLL so very very much, and I hope your week is also full of miracles!
Hermana Mitchell

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