Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hi friends and family! What a crazy week! First off, I miss the rolling farmland and orchards of Brentwood, but 'm LOVING being in the city! We're gong to San Francisco today--FIRST TIME--and I'm so stinkin' excited! Sister Hewett is an amazing missionary! She's an incredible example to me and I'm so grateful to have her as a companion right now--I'm learning SO MUCH! Her Spanish is perfecto and she has such a strong testimony, she's the only member in her family and they were not supportive of a mission. It has been so humbling and I've realized how I am so incredibly blessed to have you all supporting me, praying for me, and sending your love. San Mateo is incredible, and full of potential! we already have a few new investigators just from this week and I can see amazing things happening already! Last night we had to recent converts speak at "Por que yo Creo" which is a fireside for recently baptized members of the church, Jenny (8yrs old) and Itzel (15) are sisters and they gave such amazing testimonies and I already feel like part of a family here in San Mateo. Itzel & Jenny's mom, Rocio isn't a member, though she really really wants to be! She has the strongest sweetest testimony and desire to be baptized, she just needs to get married first. Her esposo (the father of Jenny) is the macho "I'm not tying myself down to marriage" type, but he is starting to soften his heart and listen to us--we are praying so hard for him to have the desire to get married. I didn't get to meet the ward yesterday because it was a little different due to the 1st presidency broadcast (Which was SOOOO exciting, we're seeing such amazing things happening in missionary work! some missions have already instilled ipads with an on-line area book and incredible teaching resources! It's just a matter of time before it hits us here in California). So as a Sister Training Leader I get to go on exchanges with other sisters and either go to their area or have them come to mine, so this last Friday (only 2 days in my new area) we went on an exchange and I brought a brand-new to the feild sister from Hong-Kong here to San Mateo! Her name sister Tsan, and even though she didn'n't speak Spanish, her spirit and excitement for missionary work was incredible! I learned so much from our experience together, and we have some amazing member-missionaries here who were with me to help me teach (oh me and my rusty Spanish). But after 5 months of English, I'm amazed that I remember as much as I do--and I've got a long way to go still :) I love you all, I'm so grateful for you encouragement! I know Heavenly Father loves us all individually and knows us personally. Jesus Christ is our Savior and perfect example. Life is a trial to become like him, so stay on the path! and if you're off the path, it's okay--it's still there! so get back on! Have an amazing week!
Hermana Mitchell

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