Monday, July 1, 2013

Hola hola!

Bueeeeeenas!!!! I'm so happy to be back in Spanish land! It is BEATIFUL and amazing and full of potential here in San Mateo! I love the Spanish ward! I love being 15 minutes from San Francisco! We went to the Golden Gate bridge and it was SO PRETTY and we found this amazing ice-cream place called "Mitchell's Ice-cream" and it's the best ice-cream I've EVER HAD! It must be for the name... I'll send pictures next week :) We are teaching a few women who want to be baptized so badly but can't because their "esposos" (loooooong time boyfriend/father of their children) won't commit to marriage! It's so frustrating. but we're praying and fasting and working hard with them, I know that the Lord will provide a way. We started teaching this boy named Byron and he's GREAT! he's from Guatemala and wants to learn more about God, He's reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and he feels like this is the right path for him :) we met and taught a new Investigator yesterday named Perla and she is INCREDIBLY golden, she doesn't even really know anything about God, but can feel His love, she wants to change and be obedient with all her heart! The Lord is placing amazing people in our path! Sister Hewett and I taught 16 lessons last week, which is the closest we've got to the standard of excellence this transfer (which is 20) So I KNOW we can do it! We're working hard and staying busy, and so happy! We had an exchange this week and I got to spend 24 hours in the Tongan program! It was SOOOO cool! Tongan is sucha beautiful language. I loved it. I'm learning so much from being the leader in these exchanges, I really have to remind myself of the example I'm leading for those around me and It's really truly refining me, pointing out my weaknesses and helping me rely on the Lord to make them strengths! Ether 12:27 has been one of my favorite scriptures on my mission, and I'm sure it will be for the rest of my life.. which will just be a continuation of my mission ;) I LOVE YOU AAAAALLLLLL! have a beautiful week.
Besos y abrazos!
Hermana Mitchell

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