Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Another week has flown by and May is almost gone already! I'm so incredibly happy that Dad is doing better and out of the hospital, It's given me an extra boost--I know with all my heart that Heavenly Father answers prayers!! I've been working extra hard and we're seeing miracles here! We are doing a lot of knocking and walking and talking! This last Saturday we decided to go out to Discovery Bay because we've noticed that many of the homes are beautiful weekend homes, right out on the delta--so we were knocking and an old couple opens the door and we start talking about religion--He mentioned and how the wife (who wasn't saying anything) is pure catholic so there's no possibility in changing that--(or so she thinks)--they were at first kind of  stand-offish, and then the husband notices that my nametag is in Spanish, and all I said was "si, yo hablo espanol" with a big smile and they said "well COME ON IN!" and we had a really cool conversation about how they were actually just visiting from southern California, but saw the Mormon Battalion and had a lot of friends who were Mormon and they think we're great people as a whole :) Then the wife opened up and said she's from Honduras and she was so excited when I told her about the new Tegucigalpa Temple! So, long story short, keep on being that good example to those around you, people see your good works, so remember that you're planning seeds without even realizing it! my favorite scripture lately has been Alma13:24! we have work to do! Sister Woodruff and I are loving Brentwood more and more as the new fruit comes on! Today after emailing we're going to go pick CHERRIES with some members! We are so spoiled here! (It was starting to rain though, I hope it clears up so we can pick without getting soaked). Then tonight we have 2 Family Home Evenings planned and they're going to be sooo much fun! teaching about the plan of salvation and the meaning of baptism! John 3:5 :) Being a missionary is amazing and I'm learning to love people more than I ever thought possible! Remember to live so that the Spirit can be a part of your life, and when he talks to you--LISTEN! :)
Love love love,
Hermana Mitchell

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