Wednesday, January 9, 2013


First off: THANKYOU for all the wonderful amazing thoughtful fabulous Birthday wishes!!! I feel so spoiled to have such incredible family and friends like you!!! My Birthday really was amazing, and I felt so much love from everyone around me it was indescribable! On Saturday night we received a call from our District Leader (Elder Watson from Australia--he's the coolest) who let me know that I'm being ........... TRANSFERRED!!!! Dun Dun DUUUUN! It's a little bit crazy to believe, I don't feel like I should be done with training! But the Lord knows that I have new things to learn and He's sending me to an area just up the road a bit called Hayward, and my new companion will be beautiful Sister Fergusson from Seattle, Washington and we get to stay in the Visitors' Center and learn Spanish together! ha, what a blessing to still be able to see Sister Garcia (who's training AGAIN--because she's THAT amazing. She's only been here 12 weeks longer than me) in the VC several times a week--I feel so spoiled to have had her as my trainer, She has helped me in a million ways, with my Spanish, my self-confidence, the organization of everything here in the field! The list goes on and on. I'll never forget my time here with Her in San Leandro 2nd Branch. Yesterday I gave my little goodbye testimony and everyone wished me Happy Birthday and said they hope the new sister coming is an angel like me (hehe, at least that's what they said...). And I really do feel like I'm leaving behind a piece of my heart. Especially for Paula, She's like my other grandma--She's making us tamales for dinner tonight for a goodbye dinner. Sigh, and Joseph! He still isn't baptized yet (that little stinker) but I know that he will be. Sister Garcia feels like she's staying in San Leandro partly for him, I know she'll see his baptism!

This week really has been amazing, we found some wonderful new people that are just made of pure Gold, and we're working with some investigators that really truly are progressing, so it's going to be an amazing area for the new sister to start her mission, which just makes me feel so good!

Well, I've spent a good chunk of P-Day today packing up my luggage and cleaning the apartment with sister Garcia and mentally preparing to leave my wonderful area of San Leandro! We're also having a Zone activity in an hour or so, today is one of my Zone Leader's Birthday (awesome Elder Perry from Texas! Our other Zone Leader, Elder Rodriguez is from Espana, they crack me up) and it'll be a good way to say goodbye to everyone :)

Alrighty then, that's the news! I know that the Lord personally knows each and every one of us. He knows what we need in our lives, He has His hand in our lives every single day! Every night as you say your prayers, think back on the day and try to find the evidence of His hand, and thank Heavenly Father for it! They both love us so much. They can see the big picture and they put people in our lives for a reason!

I hope your week is AMAZING and Always remember to count your blessings!

Con Amor,
Hermana Mitchell

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