Thursday, January 17, 2013

another week!

HOLA mi querido familia y amigos!!!
This week has been just so good and new and hard and wonderful! It's so weird being without my trainer, I feel like I'm going off to college all over again, or some big step like that! I miss San Leandro a lot, but Hayward is FULL of incredible people to help and big things for me to learn! Sister Ferguson is just amazing, we are both experiencing the mission without our trainers for the first time, and we're learning how to rely on each other a TON! Now that we're both still in the developing stage of our Spanish skills and teaching skills! We've had great times turning around lots of times and finding new streets because sister Ferguson is determined to know Hayward like the back of her hand, but we've got my GPS on hand in the car for those moments when we're too far gone. Hayward is Beautiful! The people are really nice, I just met my new branch yesterday and they are really loving people. The Prera Family feeds the missionaries every Sunday and there is a lot of love and support we feel from those around us. 

We had a lot of lessons fall through this week, but thank goodness for back up plans! We still had good families and people to see and contact! Working in the VC comes with amazing blessings, like lots of referrals to find! We have an incredible investigator that is right on the verge of making amazing decisions that will change the rest of her life!!! Her name is Adriana, She's been meeting with the missionaries for a couple months now, she already has such a strong testimony and loves reading the Book of Mormon. She knows it's true. She knows Joseph Smith was called of God in order to give us the blessings of the fullness of the Gospel. She's fasting with us today to receive a specific answer from God, to have that heavenly support that can cancel out the opposition that her friends and family are pushing on her. AND on top of that, she has the cutest little daughters who LOVE church! Last night we had a lesson on paying tithing and she is just so ready! I know she'll be baptize, It's so exciting!! I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part in this work, to help prepare people to make promises with Heavenly Father is a pretty special job I must say, I'm seeing miracles happen every day!

Almost a full week in Hayward and I'm starting to get to know it, it's hillier than San Leandro (does that make sense? well there are a lot more hills that make for a good work out)--we go running up past a BEAUTIFUL Catholic Church, it's cathedral style and everything with stained glass windows. It's no wonder why everyone claims it as their own... but the special and unique and life-changing message that the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ beats the pretty stained glass :) I love this true Gospel, I love the changes it causes in the lives of us, God's children.

Throughout the day I'll probably think of more good things that happened this week that I should have typed now, but for now that's my message! I'm still living and breathing! Working hard and trying to serve the Lord the very best I can! OH! and the Icing on top of the Cake!!! I just got an email from my best friend Cassy, She got her mission call to......... LIMA PERU NORTE!!! YAYY! Her faith and desires to serve the Lord are an incredible example to me and this news has given me an extra big boost that I was needing to be the very best missionary I can here in California, where the Lord has called me--so *shout out* to Hermana Hulse: I LOVE YOU, I'm soooo proud of you! you'll be the BEST. MISSIONARY. EVER!

Remember how much the Lord loves and knows each and every one of you, He can lift us up when we're down! So rely on Him, learn from His perfect example and come to know Him through reading about His life and teachings in the scriptures, apply what you read to your life and He will be able to fulfill His purpose and lead you through life! 3 Nephi 14:7

Hermanita Mitchell

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