Tuesday, January 22, 2013


HOLA A TODOS!  How are you all?! Well Sister Ferguson and I are having a great time getting to know Hayward and doing the work of the Lord here the very best we can! We are learning Spanish together, learning the streets together, learning how to listen to the Spirit together! It's definitely a transfer of learning. But it's so great because we're leaning on one another as we are inviting others to lean on the Lord to help them through this hard life! It's great, the branch is very sweet and it seems like I have lots more opportunities to share my musical talents, in Sacrament meeting and in Relief Society :) 
Here's some exciting news: JOSEPH (my and sister Garcia's Investigator from San Leandro) IS GETTING BAPTIZED! We worked sooooo hard on him for so many months and finally this last week he said he was ready, and wants to be baptized on February 10th and he wants me to come and sing at his baptism and it's soooooo exciting!!! I'm so grateful to have had a part in this big and life-changing step he is making :) The work is incredible. 
I'm realizing how amazingly blessed I am to be serving here in California, It's so cool because every day is filled with cultural experiences, being in the homes of people from practically EVERY latin-american country is sooo cool. My Spanish is still improving, little by little. I've noticed my English is getting worse, so I'm guessing that's a sign...
Thank you all for your love and support, for your thoughts and prayers. 
Hermana Mitchell

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