Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It's a beautiful day at the CCM! I can't believe that today is the start to week 4! We went to the temple this morning and it was incredible. I love going to the temple, I learn something new every time. So since school just started here at BYU, all the teachers in my zone changed. We we got 2 new teachers this week and with new teachers come new investigators (get it? our teachers ARE our investigators...). I'm excited, but kinda sad, we were making good progress with the last investigators, but what can you do? It's all about learning and growing :) So all together in this CCM experience, I'll have a total of 6 teachers, (because we had substitues for the first week) which is kinda different, but fun!

hmm so what's going on over here... I'm starting to think in spanish, which is weird, and it's strange when we have workshops that have us teach in English because we've been working so hard at teaching in Spanish! It's so interesting how teaching the lessons is helping me learn more about the gospel as well as the language too. We still aren't doing a ton with grammar and vocab in class, it's really stressed that everything else will come when it needs to, So I'm just going with it and loving every minute!

So last week was our first TRC (Teaching Resource Center) experience, which is kinda scary but mostly fun, we get to teach volunteers from the community. Some are members and some are investigators, some are native Spanish speakers and others aren't. the TRC is SO helpful because it's all about real interaction with people, they even set up the classrooms like a home, and we need to knock the door and introduce ourselves and our message and everything--so it feels pretty real! The first people we taught were the sweetest old couple ever! they shared their conversion stories and gave us great encouragement, and I was so excited that I could understand almost everything they said in their native Spanish. The people in the second "home" we visited were so great too, all college age. Two of them were members and one was not, but he was interested in the Gospel, so we taught him about the importance of prayer and he prayed with us and he committed to reading what we assigned him out of the Book of Mormon and praying about it! I know that these teaching programs here are inspired because even though we're supposed to be the ones teaching, we're really the ones being taught!

Have I told you about my Companions? Hermana Becar is so great, she's from Southern California and is going to the Dominican Republic! She is so fun and outgoing, I look up to her a lot in her ability to talk to anyone and everyone so easily! and Hermana Williams is from Ohio, going to Reno. She is SO smart. She really treasures the scriptures and has spent so much of her life learning from them, I also look up to her a lot in that. We have so much fun together and we're learning a lot from each other as we try to teach. It's great because they both enjoy music, we all go to Choir together and it is so great, We sang "Jesus, once of Humble Birth" last night devotional. I LOVE that song, especially how every line shows Christ's humility and lowly circumstances and how powerful he is now, I can always feel the spirit while singing here. Hermana Williams has a beautiful voice and we really want to do a duet together in a Fireside, so we're going to hunt down an accompanist to play for us.

My health is improving every day and I'm almost ovre this sickness I've had for a few weeks, thank you for all your prayers, and letters make my day!

LES QUIERO <3 Take care, and know that I love you and know that this is the best place I could ever be! Thanks for your love and support

Hermana Mitchell

Oh and Mom or Jena or whoever is sending a package: I would LOVE some more little sockies, the skin color ones. it seems like I've lost almost half of them somehow.... and I really need a white shirt... any white blouse, just something that I can wear with any of my skirts.... please please please!

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