Thursday, August 9, 2012

The first day of the next 18 months...

We dropped Sister Mitchell off at the MTC on Wednesday @ 1:15. Some Elders came out to help her with the luggage, and then gave us a minute to say goodbye. Grandma and Grandpa just gave her a quick hug and a "good luck" (they've done this enough times to keep their eyes dry) but Cassy and I were crying and couldn't stop hugging her. She finally disentangled herself from our grasp, gave us a happy thumbs up, and walked off with a bounce in her step and the prettiest smile I've ever seen.
 She is sooo ready for this. I just don't think the rest of the family is!! I can't believe the baby of the family is off to face the world!
Sister Mitchell's emails will appear on this blog, along with photos, starting next week. We don't know when her P-day (preparation day) is yet, so just hang tight until we get her first email!

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