Friday, September 7, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Not a ton has happened since my last email. My district got a new Teacher, his name is Hermano Roxas--he has such a great ability to teach and invite the spirit, but it turns out they're switching him out for a new teacher this week so.... that will make 7 teachers already and we're not even half-way through! I absolutely can't believe that it's been 4 weeks, time goes by so fast even though the days feel really long.  On Sundays we usually have a speaker come for a Fireside, but this time we got to watch the Celebration of President Monson's Birthday with the Mormon Tabernachle Choir! I forgot how much I miss music (they sang all sorts of wonderful showtunes). I love President Monson, he truly is a prophet of God. Then after the show we watched a movie (like we do every sunday night) and I swear it was made in the 80's. It was called "Labor of Love" and was about this missionary who was coming home from his mission and started talking to a man on the air plane about what he was doing for the last 2 years. The flashbacks were the best--super cheesy. It was awesome.
My tri-panionship is working well together! We have figured out a good routine for mornings and companionship study. I never knew how effective role-playing could be until now, teaching deep gospel-related concepts in a way that they make sense to someone who has no/different religious views--and in Spanish! But like I said, we're getting better and better, we're relying a lot on each other and on the spirit to guide us.
Every Tursday morning we have service at 6 am (and it's great because I usually run into my cousin Josh because we do service in the same building that we works!). And it's also awesome to see Sarah in the cafeteria every once in a while! I have a few friends from BYU-Idaho here at the MTC and it is SO great to see them all the time, and it's also great making new frends! Hermana Williams and I are practicing a song to (hopefully) sing at a Fireside or other event and we asked a random Elder playing piano if he would play for us, and he's so excited for the opportunity! He and his companion will be serving in Nicaragua! We'll be singing "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" and our goal is to audition next Thursday. I'm so excited!  This last Sunday I got to play the hymns in Sacrament meeting, It was great. I'm so grateful I can share my ability for music with everyone--there are so many great opportunities!
Well my time is running short--there is so much to do and P-Day is NEVER long enough, but know that I love you all and pray that you can feel the love of Heavenly Father every day in your lives, he often speaks to us through the words in the scriptures and the feelings of the spirit--read them and listen!
Les Quiero Mucho!
Hermana Mitchell

p.s. mom/any possible package senders: I would love some earrings... mostly because somehow I've lost all the backs to my studs except for one pair, so I have to rotate my 2 earring backs with all the studs I have.... it would be SO GREAT to get a few more pairs, (pearly or jewely studs) even if it were just for the backs... Thanks! I LOVE YOU!

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