Thursday, August 23, 2012

Week NUMERO DOS in the MTC

Dear Family,
First off: Thank you for all of you love and support--I couldn't be here learning and growing and preparing to teach about Jesus Christ and his TRUE Gospel with out it! I can't believe it has been 2 weeks already! I feel so blessed to be here in a place where the spirit can be felt at all times! Oh guess what?! I have Bronchitis.. yeah, that last email I sent, where I said I thought I was getting better? Turns out it was just evolving.... so yeah, but now I really am on the mend! I got it checked out and I'm on an anti-biotic and cough syrup and I'm already feeling so much better! It has actually been kind of a blessing, inspite of my sickness, i've been triying hard to keep this illness from bringing me down--so through my coughs I've been studying hard and and preparing to teach and always always praying (in spanish) for help to push through this and that when the time comes for me to teach that my cough will be suppressed enough so I can communicate and share those things that I have prepared, and the Lord has blessed me so. We would go in to teach an investigator and I had the ablility to teach and testify and say what was in my heart before my cough came back. I know heavenly father loves me and is helping me and blessing me through these teaching experiences so much! I'm really learning to rely on my Savior.

Yesterday we had a special guest for Devotional! Elder Neil L. Anderson came and spoke to us, it was a great surpirse (I love how they keep who's speaking a secret, so there's always this excitement, everybody whispering "I wonder if it's going to be an apostle!") He was SO fun, he recorded us singing Happy Birthday to President Monson (who turned 85 yesterday) and he had so many incredibly strengthening and positive words and stories for us missionaries. AND I got to sing in the choir :) we sang "Behold the Wounds in Jesus' Hands" and it was SO PRETTY! I love participating in music here, every time I get the chance :) speaking of which, I'm playing a special musical number this Sunday in my branch, I just have to decide which one to do... I was planning on singing but my throat isn't ready for that yet... but I'm so excited, they have a whole music library to choose from here! it's heaven.

P-DAY isn't nearly long enough, I still have laundry to do and letters to write and there's still class tonight in just a few hours! But we got to go to the temple this morning and it was Wonderful! Our Zone isn't aloud to take naps :( but It's good because it pushes me to get more done :)

Thanks again for your letters and prayers!

And thanks for the box mom and dad :)

and if you're sending another box this way someday, I'm really missing some of my seminary songbooks (and some other music in that colorful folder somewhere around my piano with good songs in it... I KNOW I'll want them for the field :)

Sorry my letters are so brief, I blame my slow typing skills.... OH but I just found out that as part of my Visitor's Center calling, I will be doing online proselyting, so that's new and exciting!

I know that if you do all that you can and pray for help in faith, that the Lord will bless you!

Hermana Mitchell

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