Friday, July 19, 2013


Hi family and friends! This week has been CRAZY and amazing! I went on 3 exchanges and I really got to see what the mission is like for other language programs! I've been with 2 Samoan sisters and man are they FUN! The highlight of my week was being on exchange with sister Hendersen in down-town San Fransisco! yay CHINA-TOWN! We got to teach English Class and I taught the alphabet at the beginning of the class and it was so FUN! I love how now matter how I say the letters and the words they would copy the way I said it because in Chinese it's all about tones! The people were so kind to me, even though I don't speak a lick of Chinese! and WOW going up and down those narrow steep narrow streets in the busses and street cars was NUTS! I'm so grateful for Dramamine. I just feel a little bad for our area here in San Mateo, with sister Hewett and I always being switched around it's kind-of taking its toll, but we're doing our best! Our investigators are plateauing and not putting in their part to make it to the next step, whether it's coming to church, making time to meet with us, GETTING MARRIED! We've been doing a lot of praying, fasting, and FINDING, and the Lord has blessed us with miracles! We suddenly have tons of referrlas and potentials that we're so excited to be working with! As for me, I'm doing great, I'm so blessed to have a great companion like sister Hewett and I can feel Heavenly Father's love for those around me more and more every day!
Love you all, have a WONDERFUL week!

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