Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Happy Monday friends and family! I'm just amazed. Every day is such a trial and a blessing! I'm amazed that Heavenly Father has trusted me enough to train and it reminds me to stay focused and obedient! Brentwood is a hard area to work in! The people are so nice but so HAPPY with life as it is! They don't think they need the gospel in their lives, so that's the hardest part--but the ward is AMAZING and they are so willing to open their homes to us, we just need to bring people in and see what they're missing! This transfer is almost over already and I'm just blown away by it all! It's been going by so fast and sister Woodruff and I are smiling all the while :) We have a lot of families we're working with to love and serve and reactivate and it's amazing! We're going to have FHE with the Little Family tonight, we've been trying for a MONTH to get into their home and it's finally the right timing for them! we're going to teach about the Holy Ghost and help them make family goals to put their faith into action to invite Him into their lives by going to churhc, praying, and reading the scriptures as a family! It's a good activity for everyone! This last satuday was our "Mormon Helping Hands" service project! It was SO fun, and hard, and hot. There was an awesome turn-out, about 80 people there! We planted trees and vines along SandCcreek Rd. and people would drive by and honk at us :) It was a lot of digging and hauling bark back and forth and after a good 3 hours that morning, we were pooped! but ready for a full day of missionary work ahead of us! I'll send some pictures of it next time :) Well it's time to run, but remember that I love you all so much, and also, we receive the GREATEST joy when we serve those around us, so make some act of service part of every day and you'll be so happy--I promose! Mosiah 2:17.
Have a beautiful week!
Hermana Mitchell

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