Saturday, March 30, 2013

new NEWS!!

So here's the latest scoop on Hermana Mitchell:
I guess I've been loving Castro Valley too much, because it's time for me to go again! I've been called to a new (full-proselyting) area called Brentwood (everyone says either "It's beautiful there!" or "you'll be HOT!" which in both cases I'm exited about, because I'm always cold) and I'll be serving in English still, and (drum-roll please) I'll be TRAINING! Last week President Meredith called me and said the Lord has a special assignment for me to train one of the young new missionaries, and I know that President Meredith is inspired by the Lord so I told him that I trust him, and he said "Well, the Lord trusts you!" So that's that. I'm going to miss it here, and Sister Lau has taught me so much and really helped me prepare for training without me even realizing it! So here we go! I'll miss the VC too, but I knew I'd be going full-pros sooner or later. And as far as Spanish goes... we'll just have to see about that... I feel like I've been so blessed to have had 3 good transfers in Spanish and I hope to return to it again someday--there are some sisters called to Spanish who have spent their entire missions in English. It's all about where the Lord needs us and when. So I'll just keep practicing! So that's that! New experiences are right around the corner! 5th transfer, 4th area, 4th compaion, Training (AAAAAHHH!), Full-Pros, Shot-gunning, English, and countless children of God to find, love, and serve! I love being a MISSIONARY--it's so HARD! :D but that's what makes it so good.
always Remember to put your trust in the Lord, and He will direct you for good! Proverbs 3:5-6.

Un gran abrazo de
Hermana Mitchell

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