Monday, March 11, 2013


Hey there all you who care! It's P-day again and Sister Mitchell has another chance to write!!! I just want to thank you all for your prayers and support, the mission field is so hard and so amazing at the same time! This week has been awesome. Sister Lau and I are working more in harmony lately --everything really has been an adjustment for us, new cultures, teaching styles, stress-coping styles, and even just trying to communicate has been a struggle--but we both love the Lord and want to serve Him the very best we can, so every day is getting better and better! The second week into this transfer, I received a little note in my inbox from my Mission President--he must have known Sister Lau and I would be going through some not-easy transitions in the different language programs and he said, "It is a compliment when the Lord trusts missionaries enough to move them back and forth between programs. I don't feel spiritually confident doing that with everyone." That little note helped me so much. I realized that the Lord gives us challenges and responsibilities because He knows we can accomplish them and learn from them along the way. And when we finally reach that level, He gives us something new to help us grow a little more. The last couple of weeks have been much better and this transfer is suddenly flying by--so we're going to make it count!
Noelle was baptized on Saturday and it was really special! The spirit was SO strong, Noelle is 21 years old and has sought God in many different stages throughout her life and when she bore her testimony about how God reached out to her and she couldn't close the door on Him, it really touched my heart. I know that we can all be instruments in the Lords hands, just like those sister missionaries who felt prompted to stop at her door that night a couple of months ago. 
Yesterday we had a special Stake Conference and we heard from Elder Causse from the quorum of the seventy. He also talked about how all we can be instruments in the Lord's hands. We need to pray for missionary experiences, be neighborly to everyone, and Invite! If we are living in a way that the spirit can guide us, and we're willing to act on his promptings, we WILL be instruments in the hand of the Lord. So last night we had a shift in the Visitors' Center and guess who came in with his family?? Elder Causse again! Sister Lau and I got to take them on a tour and it was SO great :D They loved the VC, and there's something really special about the Oakland Temple--the second level terrace is open to the public to walk around on top--and the view of the Bay is just breathtaking. The sunset was beautiful last night and it's amazing how much love I feel from the Lord, I'm so grateful for the mission He has sent me to.

As far as the Spanish goes... let's just put that on hold ;)

Keep on counting your blessings, and don't forget CPR (Church, Pray, Read) it'll save your life!
Un GRAN abrazo de
Hermana Mitchell

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