Monday, March 4, 2013

Castro Valley

HELLO family and friends! It has been an amazing week being a missionary in Castro Valley, California! It's such a great place to be, really special people here. We're working on Noelle's Baptismal program for this Saturday! Noelle is amazing. She has been through a lot in her life and is making really incredible changes that she knows will change her future. It's such a special time! We were trying to teach her Mom, but she would just show us pictures of Noelle's Catholic communion and she's still pretty set in her ways, BUT It's also clear that the choices her daughter is making is softening her heart, and it's really special to see that. Sister Lau and I had our first orange-picking experience here in California and they are DELICIOUS!  best oranges I've ever had in my entire live, I've been eating a couple oranges a day for the whole week now, and I'm not tired of them yet!!! Heavenly Father is still blessing me with amazing opportunities to use my Spanish in the Visitor's Center, which really is a tender mercy, I know I'm not practicing much, but it still keeps me on my toes to be ready for when a Spanish-speaking family happens to come into the VC and needs assistance! It doesn't seem entirely fair to sister Lau, more Spanish families come in than Chinese families, But she still smiles and is right beside me the whole time :) She's an amazing companion by the way, we're both learning a ton because we're having to adjust a ton, and that's been really hard, but those hard things make everything worth while. I hope you all a healthy and happy week, remember to thank Heavenly Father for all you have and pray for opportunities to share your blessings with the people around you. Jacob 2:18
abrazos y besitos! 
Hermana Mitchell

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