Saturday, January 4, 2014

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

WHAT an AMAZING Christmas!!!!! I will NEVER forget my Christmas's in the Mission field! this year was drastically different from last year's Christmas where we were in the Visitor's Center on our feet all day ushering and giving tours to 1000+ visitors daily--whereas this Christmas was tranquil and peaceful, on Christmas Eve we spent part of the day doing service at the Samaritan House, which makes meals and food bags for lo-income families and then had dinner with some members and investigators! Rocio (one of our very precious investigators and friends, also the mother of 2 girls who were just baptized in May) had all of us missionaries over she fed us and made ponche (a delicious Christmas drink--with lots of different kinds of fruits all boiled together)!  and we had a WONDERFUL morning of opening PRESENTS! then after some really good studies, we went to a member's house to SKYPE with family and then enjoyed some Christmas tamales!! It was soooo good to talk to Mom and Dad, Aaron, Becca, Elaine, Ana, and see my new neice Jaylee!!! after that fun we took a little Christmas NAP! after that we watched "Joy to the World" and sister McLaws and I broke out the water-colors and did some Christmas ART! It was just right, and we jumped right back into the swing of things on the 26th!

Mike is still doing really well, holding out strong. the ward is fellowshipping him well and we're going to teach him tonight about Missionary work! He would be a great missionary. But we're really struggling in finding new investigators! I know there are people around us who are looking for peace and happiness and truth! Pray for us to find them and for them to find us!

New Years Eve will be fun! We'll get together as a Zone (I'm in the San Francisco Zone) and we'll watch a couple of movies together and so that will be exciting :) we're still doing exchanges too! I had lots of fun in China Town this week with my old companion, sister Lau! I got to help teach the intermediate English class and help the students form sentences :) I think learning Spanish may have thrown my grammar out the window.... but it was GREAT! I'm looking forward to the rest of the exchanges, only 4 left this transfer

I hope your new year's resolutions are both physical and spiritual, I know that the reason we're all here in earth is to progress and change--thank goodness Heavenly Father gave us so many opportunities to make new goals and try to improve--and He even gave us the perfect example to follow. Happy New Year, I love you ALL!
Hermana Mitchell

P.S. JANUARY 6TH IS KRISTIN'S BIRTHDAY!!! Be sure to send her an email ( or send her a letter (address to the right ---> ). And she's coming home in less than 2 weeks!!!!

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