Friday, October 12, 2012

a P-day at last!!!

Oh my goodness gracious! I have SO MUCH to talk about and SO LITTLE TIME! there's no way I can cover it all, but let's start with General Conference! wasn't it AMAZING!?! If you weren't able to hear it all, make sure you make it a goal to read the rest in next month's Ensign because every talk was so powerful, I know with all my heart that the speakers were inspired. I felt like so much of was intended directly for me--that's what's amazing about conference, it's the way our Heavenly Father leads and guides ALL of his children if we are open to listen and willing to let His words change us. so can you BELIEVE the age change for missionaries?!? 18 for elders wasn't too much of a surprise, butt sisters can serve at 19!?! it's just INCREDIBLE! this will do SO MUCH for the future service and Christ-centered families and homes! Every missionary in the MTC was in shock, followed by gasping and cheering and crying! haha, the excitement was SO strong! I loved the recurring theme in conference about service, the importance of being willing and able to serve when the Lord puts those opportunities in our path! Pray for those opportunites to be more Christ-like and the Lord will help you see the necessities of others!

So Tuesday was full of sadness and lack of sleep! We said goodbye to Hermana B'ecar at 3 AM, Hermana Decker a 4AM, Hermana Flandro at 5 AM, and Hermana Williams at 6 AM! It was fun taking lots of trips to the Travel office :) but sad to see them all go! then I got to wear a "SOLO" sticker on my name plate and hang out with the Zone leaders for the day, it was fun and new. Then, we were in choir practice and they were working out the video monitors and stuff to prepare for Devotional, and they accidently showed who would be speaking to us that night and the excitement flushed through  the entire MTC choir as David A. Bednar's face flashed up on the screen!!! It was suprising becuase just days before we heard him in conference, but I felt so blessed to have been able to be here this extra time :) He gave an amazing talk that will forever change the way I study the words of the prophets (look for the Doctrine, the Invitations, and the Promised blessings--I would go into more detail if I had time)! oh and fun fact: Elder Bednar was born in Oakland, CA! YAY :) He also testified that the Lord is hastening his work and these changes happening now are just the start of it!

Wednesday was AWESOME! I met my new district of Visitor's Center sisters and my new companion for the week, Sister Chipana, is so AMAZING! She is from Lima Peru and has an amazing conversion story (She always wanted to be a missionary, even before she new about the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). and Wow, she is an incredible example to me and is also helping me with my Spanish a TON! She's going to Oakland too :) We spent the Morning on Temple Square! It was so great, we received a tour from the sisters there and it was so neat to be in the shoes of the visitors. I learned a lot by their example.

The last couple days have been FILLED with new experiences! We've been blessed to use a new program here (we're actually the ginuea pigs for it) called the Teachign Center where we get to chat live with people all over the world coming to to ask questions about the church and it has been just AMAZING! I have talked to people from South America, Europe, Canada, and  the US in just a couple hours of TC. I'm a little nervous about doing actual phone calls tomorrow, chatting is way easier for me, but I'm just going to do my best and try to let the Lord direct me in what to say with his Spirit. Deep Breaths.

Tomorrow we get another Temple Square experience and this time we will be splitting with the sister missionaries there and work with them! I'm really excited! and nervous! but mostly excited! I have learned so much from doing things that are really hard for me this week, and I have come to know that that's how the Lord refines all of us. Look up Ether 12:27 :)

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! have a wonderful week! Just 5 more days 'till I enter the Field!!!!

Hermana Mitchell

P.S. mom, I'll send a quick email later today about my flight plans and other little things, We're on our way to the temple this morning :)

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